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Initially, this looks like a really good alternative to the more established providers like Klaviyo and Omnisend. With a lot of options and good logic for setting up flows. However, in my experience its full of bugs to the point where you dont trust the system at all. So you will find yourself constantly reaching out for support, and although support is fast and available - its mostly useless. Everything gets escalated to the "tech team", and from there nothing really happens and you need to actively push your case everyday only to get the same generic responses. They say you get a dedicated manager on the highest tiered plan - but you dont.

To bad. This could have been a really good ESP. Tip to Avada: Get your act together, and focus on quality over quantity. No need for 24h support when they cant help at all. I have a feeling this app will collect a lot of bad reviews to come. Only reason for not giving 1 star is because if it did work it would probably be the best option out there.


I tried to take it for a test spin before committing to a paid plan. Tried twice and both times it wouldn't send.

Customer service explained the issue, but it's just not a good fit for me and I feel like it needs some improvement.

Prakash and Juliana are great though and very pleasant to chat with.

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Estou há menos de 1 mês utilizando a ferramenta e posso dizer que a experiência tem sido positiva. Recentemente tive um problema de configuração do formulário mais Dayse me surpreendeu bastante com seu suporte e resolveu tudo em menos de 1 hora. Atualização: Enfrento muitos problemas de atualização ainda. Não consigo utilizar a ferramenta da melhor maneira. Agora mesmo tento salvar a campanha e a página carrega e volta para a antiga configuração. Estou prestes a desistir do app, embora o layout e toda a parte intuitiva do app sejam excelentes. Pena que não está funcionando bem.

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Avadaが返信しました 2022年2月24日


Thank you for your feedback. I immediately check your conversation with our chat support team and see the current issue is that you cannot load the campaign. It can be your Chrome is not updated to the latest version or another technical reason.

No worries, we are testing it on your same device and also I sent you a follow-up email so that we can sort it out very quickly.

Hope to hear back from you soon!
Thank you,


Most everything I attempted to do during installation and configuration resulted in a Support intervention and subsequent escalation. In one instance, learned that my store was "magento" version so this Avada feature (inserting dynamic images in email template) won't work. Yet selecting the widget somehow remains a selectable option. Too many "delete cache & cookie" responses from support meaning that F/E devs have done a terribad job of cache management on the client side resulting in a lot of data-presentation issues. Example: information displayed on your dashboard is not current or accurate compared to what Avada Support is seeing at that same time. Sorry/Not-Sorry but had to move on to a new product evaluation.