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1 april 2023

App is lovely. Perfect SEO solution for shopify stores. However, I will rate it with 3 stars because the subscription is way too expensive! I think a $15 per month sub would be the right price point but that's me. Also, the support is great, Emily has been very helpful and even gave me a free trial for their premium plan. Thanks Emily!

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8 april 2023

Not working for me, the app make my site in iphone devices started to have a lot of issues with the images, avada tech support could not fixt it but they always repied on time

Markus Dayan
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1 augustus 2023

its a very useful tool, disappointed that most features require a susbcription service, but otherwise good. Staff are extremely helpful and knowledgable with quick and efficient response times, especially Sunny.

Shadow Stitching Co
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13 februari 2023

Juliana was as helpful as she could be given my multitude of questions. She was patient and provided a lot of information. My issue is not with her but with the app in general. For beginners it is very confusing. It would be very helpful to have a youtube channel or tutorials. The language/terms are all like speaking a foreign language.

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26 juli 2023

Muito bom, suporte eficiente e rápidos.
Obrigado Hana. Estou super satisfeito com o aplicativo, gratidão

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26 april 2022

I used the app to optimise my images ,since my store speed was pretty slow ,hoping to get it a bit faster.After the process was completed I tested the store speed again and there was no difference.Since I am new to the app I asked an agent in the live chat if the images optimization was suppose to help with the speed and I didn’t quite understand if it was going to ,but then he turned me some other feature (speed related) on and when tested again my site was at 99 for a desktop and 61 for mobile,which was about double of what it was before.Unfortunately without the app the speed would remain like it was and there is no explanation why and what is changed besides turning on that feature.After a few hours I went back to test the website in Google and the speed was down like it was in the past,even I still have the Avada app ,so I am not exactly sure if it’s working and what exactly the app does.

Paw Spy Pets
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Avada heeft geantwoord 26 april 2022

This is Daisy from AVADA Team. Thank you so much for your feedback!

I would love to clarify some points below and I hope that it clears your doubt about how our app helps to boost your site speed. The features are Image Optimization, Speed up, Minification, and Lazy Load.

It was possible that due to some delay, the app code was not applied instantly at that time when you came back and tested the app. For now, the score is improved as it was when you activated the features.

We have sent you a follow-up email for more information. Please check your mailbox.

Thank you so much for your collaboration!

Best regards,

21 oktober 2020

So far so good. I just downloaded it and I am happy with what i see so far. I will come back in a month and give another review

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Avada heeft geantwoord 21 oktober 2020

I am Daisy from AVADA Team. Thank you so much for your review!

We have sent you a follow-up email. Please kindly check your mailbox to receive our guide and tips on how to set up the app properly.

Best regards,

4 juli 2020

Configurations haven't been published so far. It looks good and easy to setup, but something I did was probably wrong and I wasn't notified

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25 juni 2022

I got this app mostly for image optimization. To be honest its a "meh" because after I have gone back through the images i noticed that alt image text has only been applied to missing pictures that are the main image on the page. Basically it means I have to go through 1800 images by hand, which is why i got the app in the first place. I have not used any of the SEO portions of the app, partly because I have someone working on it, and partly because I was not particularly impressed so far. I plan to explore it to justify the monthly charge however.

Airspeed Junkie
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21 juli 2020

The app is great but the image optimization is not quite 100% yet. So far so good, will have to see how it is in a few weeks.

PopCocos Art
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