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9 mei 2024

While Customer service exceeded my expectations (thank you Tiana!) and they were able to boost my speeds to a sufficient amount, the app does have some quirks. It can be quite confusing to navigate and pinpoint what is exactly causing your issues. But, despite these small things here and there, it is a breeze compared to other SEO apps on the marketplace as Avada does most of the fixes completely on its own. Thanks again for the help Tiana!

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6 mei 2024

Some problems encountered with the application but support is almost always available (even on weekends). Tony and Audrey are very responsive, they quickly understand the problem and ensure perfect follow-up on its resolution.

Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
5 mei 2024

Emily was giving great help on my needs , she has asked his technical to help on the issue we have encountered , the total resolve time is around 30 mins. but it worth it. Thank you Avada and Emily

C2 Computer
Hongkong SAR van China
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
10 maart 2024

Very good SEO suite, and responsive and friendly technical support. Be aware that after updating your theme, you will need to republish Avada from the settings menu and check that everything is working via meta tag validators. I had duplicate meta tags, some coming from my Dawn theme and some coming from Avada. If you have this, simply remove the meta-tag render line in your theme.liquid and retest.

Sophellie Jewellery
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Bijna 3 jaar gebruiken de app
16 februari 2024

Emily was helpful and had the assistance of the technicians who will continue to work on my site.

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25 maart 2024

Tony & audrey were very helpful, used ultra viewer and got the job done is a second than left after i said thankyou 100% perfect

Products On Sale Australia
16 dagen gebruiken de app
8 april 2024

Just testing the app and deciding to buy it or not: well, the prompt assistance from Emily will definitely help to make my decision.
Thank you Emily.

La Marca Fashion
9 dagen gebruiken de app
28 februari 2024

Well, it's different from tinyimg, that's for sure. I had that one before this, but avada is much more affordable. And Esther is a great support person. I'm not very good with this techie stuff and i can be kind of slow. I didn't feel rushed, being totally unsure of what I was doing at some points and when my messages got stuck below the chat, that was slow going. But she made me feel very comfortable. She wasn't impatient or constantly asking me to do what she said. She gave me time to get there. Amazing support! She gets a 5 for support, but i have to give the app a 4 because of my experience before this app.

Novelty Nest T-Shirts
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6 dagen gebruiken de app
11 maart 2024

Avada Customer service is up there. Prakash was very kind and helpful. This is just what i needed to better my store experience.

Life 2 Apple
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7 dagen gebruiken de app
23 maart 2024

I like the app. Still working through a few issues but a good app..

Eternal Kreations
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28 dagen gebruiken de app