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Absolutely the project we have searched for and makes B2B Shops much easier!
Also, an outstanding support, which has been the most crucial part for us to chose this company!

B2B | KENRICO Kräuterpflaster
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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年5月10日

Thank you so much for your wonderful 5 star review! We are delighted that our app made B2B shops easier for you. We are also so pleased to hear you found our support so crucial to your choice of company. Thank you again!


Love this app. Ideal if you have specific items for clients who order on a regular basis. I can thank enough the customer service; they have been top draw with our requests and very helpful.

My Elements
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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年6月20日

Thank you very much for the 5-star rating!

We are delighted that you love this app and find it ideal for ordering regular items for your clients. Your kind words about our customer service is truly appreciated; we strive to provide the best service possible.

Thank you again for your awesome review!


App installed and working well, fits our needs and the tech support is excellent. Thank you for the App!

BEE Trade Buying Group
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I am also using the B2B Portal app from them to have the Bulk Order quantity on the product pages and get the custom pricing in the same time. Greate compatibility that I am looking for.
These apps are truely “all-in-one” apps with fantastic support. I look forward to growing our business with them!
June Nguyen, Anh Duc Tran and Phong Bui Thanh were a great help to me.

Legend Stuff
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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年3月29日

Thank you for the 5 star rating! We are glad to hear that you are finding our app useful and that our support has been good. We are proud to offer an "all-in-one" package that fits your needs and we look forward to seeing your business grow with us!


I've had this app installed since Sept 21st, 2023. And to this date, I'm still sending emails resolving many little bugs and feel handcuffed to this app ecosystem. Here are some things that you should be aware of this app before you download:

* You will always need to pay for a premium features, not just the lower scale one.
* You will need to install separate apps for features that let you customize further. We are a small shop with 11 products and still needed 2 more of their apps, which means two more subscriptions and a total cost of over $125/month for all these services.
* There customer service, while friendly and can fix things in a day or two, is in Vietnam and you have to wait 24hrs for every question to respond.
* There is typically many things labeled differently or built in the app that needs some further discussion/translation as they are labeled differently than I would prefer. I assume this because translating things between Vietnamese and English can cause some hiccups.
* Unless you want to work Vietnam business hours - find a different app with customer support geared towards your time zone.
* In the end, I'm a small business investing 7 weeks of work into this app and no customers actually using it fluidly.
* I have my hands tied that I have to keep this app because of costs and feel I can't make a change, especially with holiday season approaching.

Please be mindful when making a decision - they have great ratings but I suspect it's because throughout my 90+ email chain since 9/21/2023 to date, they've asked me to write a review about once a week. While professional and nice, they look to optimize reviews more than solve my actual problem and it's unfair.

Gloo Books
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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年11月13日

Hi there,

We have received your review and I am writing to sincerely apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced with our app. We appreciate the opportunity to address the issues you've raised. I hope you can give us a chance to make everything clear.

We do provide multiple functions along with each plan and the higher plan you subscribe to, the more functionalities you have. Kindly understand that our pricing plans may not fully fit all users' needs and we are so sorry that the functions you need are on high plans. However, it's totally your decision to go with the app or not. We even provide 14-day free trial for our b2b apps so you can have some time to make your decision.

Also, each of our app provides different kinds of functionalities and we do have many clients that just need a few functions then they just need to use one or two apps. However, since you are looking for multiple features from multiple apps, you will need to install them all.

We've totally acknowledged the challenge that you've faced with this situation so our team has reached out with some workarounds and offers which can really help you here.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon again so that we can get the situation resolved and move on with this.

Thank you so much for your understanding!


Super service du support technique.
June c'est occupé de mon problème et le tout c'est régler super facilement.

Jean Julien
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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年6月7日

Merci beaucoup pour votre évaluation de cinq étoiles ! Nous sommes très heureux que June ait pu résoudre votre problème si facilement. Nous sommes ravis que vous soyez si satisfait de notre service à la clientèle et nous apprécions vraiment votre opinion !


Helpful service in fixing a minor formatting issue on the B2B portal page. I sent them a screenshot, they fixed it right away. Overall I like the B2B portal app and especially the B2B Wholesale solution app. Works very well for our needs.

DermOrganic Official Shop
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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年7月27日

Thank you so much for your 5 star rating!

We're glad to hear that our helpful service in fixing your minor formatting issue on the B2B portal page was able to help.

We're happy that you enjoy the B2B portal app and especially the B2B Wholesale solution app!


best experience. Had issue with some features and they have solved each and every request i asked.

Kefi Kalon
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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年5月22日

Thank you so much for your 5 star rating!

We are delighted to hear that you had an overall positive experience and that we were able to resolve every request you made. It's our priority to ensure all of our customers have the best experience possible. We really appreciate your business and your review!


Firstly, the customer service and responsiveness of the BSS team is outstanding. Emma was very helpful in answering all my questions and committed to helping me achieve the outcome I desired. I needed a little help implementing some code and styling and each request was met willingly and quickly. Special mention to Nguyen Ngoc Hai who assisted with the coding requests.
There was initially a coding clash with my back-in-stock buttons on the product pages, but this was attended to immediately and fixed - a pleasant experience compared to other app developers.
I required some assistance formatting my main portal information page and that was provided willingly and promptly. Much appreciated!
I noticed some site speed reduction which is inevitable for a logged in wholesale customer due to the extra price calculations for tax considerations, but BSS were quick to eliminate for guest customers, so my retail store was unaffected.
One overarching theme was the prompt communication and willingness to help, fix and explain anything I needed.
I now have a fully operational wholesale portal and a team to assist me with any future questions or issues. They have a development team too where more specific customisations can be achieved for a fee, which I intend to explore. The portal integrates well with the B2B wholesale app. and I look forward to exploring the many other features of the portal in future.

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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年3月9日

Thank you so much for your 5 star rating! We are so glad to hear that you had an outstanding experience with the BSS team and were especially impressed by the customer service and responsiveness. We will always be here to answer any of your concerns and help you achieve the outcomes you desire. We are also pleased that Nguyen Ngoc Hai was able to assist with the coding requests and that the portal integrated well with the B2B wholesale app. We appreciate your kind words and thank you for being a valued customer. |


The software is high quality and full of features for a lower price then most of the other apps that are in the same category. What really sets them apart is their customer service. Joy was our primary point of contact and she was absolutely awesome and provided high quality information that answered my questions and helped us make the choice to continue using multiple apps from this company to grow our store and serve our customers.

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BSS Commerce 已回覆 2023年7月24日

Thank you so much for your 5 star rating!

We are delighted that you felt our software was of high quality and full of features for a lower cost than other apps in the same category. And we are especially pleased that our agent has provided you with exceptional customer service and answered all of your questions.

We appreciate your support and business!