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Data modifica: 7 marzo 2023

I was happy with the app but it had a few challenges. I reached out to customer service for help which went well until I gave the app a 4 star review. I immediately received a message from the rep that helped me. She said that if I didn't give her a 5 star review, she would be "punished." I asked what she meant and she said she would lose pay for a 4 star review. She continued to beg me to change the review. I told her that asking such a thing was 100% unprofessional. This made me lose trust in the app and uninstalled it. This is very concerning that Shopify doesn't seem to vet the apps it allows to integrate with the platform. The developers are based in Vietnam which is fine, but this experience made it feel like a scam.

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BSS Commerce ha risposto 8 marzo 2023

Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience. We will take your feedback very seriously, and really apologize if this has caused you to lose trust in the app and have uninstalled it.

We are very concerned to hear that the representative suggested such a thing and did not behave in a professional manner. We will look into this further and take measures to prevent something like this occurring again in the future. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Still, hopefully you can reinstall our app on your site and we can for sure prioritize your case then help you with the setup. Many thanks in advance!

20 agosto 2022

We were having a lot of trouble trying to find compatible apps. Specifically an app that could handle variants and wholesale pricing. We assumed (very wrongly) that if 2 apps came from the same company they would be compatible with each other. Oh were we WRONG! This has been a nightmarish mess. First, we deleted our old apps which mean all products had to be loaded again from scratch. Then, we added the BSS apps . . . . That's when all of the problems started. Our other apps stopped working. BSS blamed it on the other developer, the other developer blamed it on BSS. We got absolutely nowhere. Then, the Wholesale Solution app wasn't doing what they said it would do. Of course, that was because it couldn't REALLY do what was promised. Then, when the BSS Variant app wasn't working, the BSS tech told us it was because it doesn't work with the BSS Wholesale app. Seriously?!?! What a mess. Now our team has to start from scratch . . . again . . . and try to figure this out. Wasting thousands of dollars and 100's of man hours.

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BSS Commerce ha risposto 22 agosto 2022


Please accept our apology for your experience. The Product Options app has been published recently, so it could lack some compatibility. Our team is trying to integrate features between 2 apps.

We've sent you an email via sales@bsscommerce.com. If you can give us a chance, we can assist as far as we can if we have any helpful information.

Hope you can sympathize with us!

Best regards,

BSS Commerce Team.

Data modifica: 14 marzo 2022

Horrible. The prices load super slow and sometimes don't work for no reason. They were trying to fix this pricing errors and they did something wrong coding my theme and now the shopping cart is not working properly. Customer service is OK, they are all the time apologizing. They can't give solutions.

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BSS Commerce ha risposto 8 dicembre 2021

Thank you.

We hope that you will keep supporting our app in the long term.

Don’t forget to reach the team at sales@bsscommerce.com anytime you are in need.


16 giugno 2021

One of the worst experience here! The support is the worst, after 7 days waiting to get the app installed by the team they say that is not possible. Waste of time. I absolutely don't recommend!

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BSS Commerce ha risposto 16 giugno 2021


It's Steph from the team.

Firstly, please accept our apology for your experience. Our team tries the best to find a solution and it takes more time than expected because your prices are affected by another 3rd-party app and we need some time to look into how it works.

Truly, we never want to make a careless fix without considering all possible problems.

Hope you can sympathy with us!