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Alex is great to work with and very helpful anytime you need help he will respond to your email very quick. The app is very simple and straightforward and does what it is supposed to do. I would highly recommend you use this app to enhance your website presence. Don

Key of Z Rubboards
Axel Hardyが返信しました 2023年5月3日

Thank you so much, Don! I'm always happy to help and I'm glad you enjoy using my app. Don't hesitate to get back to me if you have any other questions :)


I recently started using the background remover for a website that is not launched yet. It's fantastic; very easy to use and will save lots of time. Customer service is the best: prompt and helpful. I highly recommend!

Axel Hardyが返信しました 2023年4月12日

Thank you so much. Glad it brings you satisfaction! And I'm always happy to help - thanks for mentioning this as well :-)


Great app just what I was looking for. Really easy to use UI and spot on with the HD quality setting.

Axel Hardyが返信しました 2022年11月2日

Thank you so much for your review. I always try to build easy to use apps so I'm glad you mentioned this point :-)


Works great, well worth it!! Axel Hardy supports his product too. Easy Photo Background Remover is a very nice tool provided by a very nice guy!

Eco Bee Supply
Axel Hardyが返信しました 2022年10月14日

Thank you so much for your nice review and kind words about my work! Don’t hesitate to get back to me if you have any other questions about the app in the future :)


Background Remover by Mr. Axel Hardy works as advertised. Here's a screenshot of my first conversion: https://share.cleanshot.com/qCMMgE Caveat emptor: The app will remove image alt text which, depending on the complexity of your theme, contains code used for image swapping and the like. In this case, the ALT must be added back to the image(s). UPDATE: This app still wipes out ALT text as of 10/17/2022.

Axel Hardyが返信しました 2022年10月5日

Update 10/24/2022 : The ALT texts are now correctly kept when a background is removed :-)

Thank you so much for your review and for your feedback. Great point about the ALT issue, I'll fix that in the next few days with the new app update, thanks for pointing this out :-)


A great app for changing image backgrounds that saves a lot of work. Axel was very supportive upon our requests.

Herbivore Hub
Axel Hardyが返信しました 2022年9月19日

Thank you so much for your review. I’m always happy to help so don’t hesitate to get back to me if you need anything else with the app in the future :)


We use this app for Charlotte Sayers jewellery and it has been brilliant! Very useful being able to use HD too

Charlotte Sayers
Axel Hardyが返信しました 2022年4月12日

Thank you so much! I'm glad it helped you to improve your store! Don't hesitate to come back to me if you have any other questions or suggestions for the app :)


This is my favourite Shopify app! Makes removing the background so quick and easy! Definitely recommend using the HD option for the best result. Good customer service too.

RED VALENTEEN Luxury gifts
Axel Hardyが返信しました 2021年9月27日

Thank you so much for your wonderful review! Don't hesitate to come back to me by email if you have any other questions or requests for the app :)


I really liked this app , it was fast and easy to use . Removing backgrounds made my store looked much more uniform . I ran into a few glitches at first and Axel got right back to me and helped me to fix them , I will def keep using this app .

Haute Bungalow
Axel Hardyが返信しました 2021年8月29日

Thank you so much! I'm always happy to help when you need anything with the app! Don't hesitate to get back to me when you have any questions about it :)


Thank you for such a great app Axel! I am hooked. I am very impressed and love that I can take stock photos and remove the background to create the exact look I want for my store. I couldn't have done that without this app. I really like the payment options too. Axels is very nice and has exceptional customer service!!! Thank you so much.

Sasha's Pet Lovers Place
Axel Hardyが返信しました 2021年8月7日

Thank you so much for this wonderful review! I really appreciate your kind words about my app and support. You know that you can contact me anytime if you have any other questions! Thanks again :)