BackStock preorder planner

BackStock preorder planner

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Accurately Pre-order, Label & Split-ship backordered items

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Continue selling accurately

Never lose sales from out-of-stock items by continuing to sell with a backorder/pre-order label and stop-at limit for each item.

Split mixed orders

Any mixed pre-order may be automatically split to better manage immediate and delayed fulfillment requests.

Itemized management

Changes or delays? View all backorders/pre-orders by item to easily manage changes.

Su BackStock preorder planner

A customer win-win approach to continue selling when out of stock:

Ideally, every item a merchant offers would always be available for an immediate purchase. Though, many top selling items will become out of stock and stop selling by default, leading to a less excited customer and substantial loss of expected sales for the merchant. On the other hand, selling items that will not be immediately shipped leads to unsatisfied customers, bad reviews, and sometimes dreadful chargebacks.

So, our service solves that problem by providing an organized and manageable way to continue selling and later ship items that are out of stock while communicating the Backorder or Pre-order shipment status of each item on the Product detail, Add-to-cart and Checkout pages.

How it works

  1. Of your current inventory, you would create a plan by selecting items to continue selling when they go out of stock, including a "ships on" label to announce when the item is estimated to ship when out of stock / backordered, and a stop at limit based on what is confirmed to be (re)stocked.
  2. Then, once the item sells out (or if more quantity is requested then in stock), a Preorder button and "Ships on.." label will appear on the product, add-to-cart and checkout pages.
  3. Once orders are placed, you may opt-into opening a separate fulfillment for in-stock items while leaving backordered items unfulfilled. This will greatly help organize your fulfillment process & communications for the split of immediate and delayed shipments.
  4. [*COMING SOON*] Or, if you have a separate location that fulfills backorders, we can automatically move any backordered items to be fulfilled by that location.
  5. As backordered items become reserved, our service will continue to track changing inventory and automatically stop selling when the limit is reached, or when you opt the item out of the backorder plan.
  6. Lastly, you may easily view all backorders by backordered item to help with managing changes such as returns, discounts and customer communications.

*Coming soon: Hold fulfillment requests for backordered items until restocked, and separate location assignments for backordered items from 3rd party fulfillment services.

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Discovery Plan


  • Unlimited insights
  • 10 Backorder item activations
  • Split mixed order Fulfillments

Standard plan


  • Unlimited insights
  • Unlimited Backorder item activations
  • Split mixed order Fulfillments
  • Custom theme support

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Our Daily Bread Publishing Canada

This app is necessary! If you deal with preorders / backorders in any way (or have been hesitant to do so), get this today. You can let your customers know up-front when you expect the product to ship while still generating sales; and you can help your fulfillment team -or individual- properly manage these orders (splitting fulfillment to ship in-stock items first or holding the entire order until all ordered products are in). Most importantly, the developer is very attentive and shows a genuine interest in your store's success. If you are looking for an app for a very important business need, this is it!