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8. marraskuu 2023

A very good shopify backup service for all objects: products, customers, metafields etc. Peace of mind. Good UI to review the data in different versions of a product. the ability to restore individual products and versions which is a lot of control. Easy to set up. Sales person met with us to run through features. Looking forward to using the monitoring, but we have not yet. Great feature package. We are on the plan that has Staging and monitoring, above base level. Customer service was responsive and very helpful, with one misunderstanding which we sorted out, and a problem with not operating in Australian time zone for business hours. I think premium gives you 24h.

minus one star for - confusing documentation and process for backing up and restoring product metafields. This might seem like an edge case, but it was the first thing we wanted to restore, and we found it was hard. It was also the ingredients data for our products, so important. It needs to be restored manually, there is no way to see what Rewind have before you restore it to production. You can't restore versions with the Staging feature. The product restore UI is missing a few fields which may be important when deciding. Compared with other shopify apps that do import/export, Rewind is a bit of a black box, you can't see the data they have. obviously other apps are much harder to use.

Toby Co
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Muokattu 5. elokuu 2019

Fortunately haven't had to use it to reinstate my store but great to have the peace of mind, and weekly reports showing me what has been backed up.

Sunday's Child the Label
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2. tammikuu 2019

Yes their office was closed for the holiday and reopened today. They sent an email this morning and I responded back. I hope they will help me secure and organize my files and remove all older versions of my website from my online store files. Other then that the Backups are consistent.

Ashay by the Bay
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15. heinäkuu 2020

They were super responsive and got back to me on a Friday night. very helpful service and follow up.

Digby Paints
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Rewind vastasi 22. heinäkuu 2020

We offer support 7-days per week and hope to be 24/7 in the not-too-distant future! Thank you for the review :)

Muokattu 30. lokakuu 2020

The people behind this app really care about their customers. I had a situation where I was very unhappy and they turned it around and found a solution for our site that was reasonable. The app has some issues in that it back ups your backups and even backs up things after you delete them from your site, but if your not paying for the amount of the data, it doesn't matter and you may be in a situation where you need to restore something you deleted... so we changed our review from 1 star to 4 stars because of the customer service.
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Rewind vastasi 15. lokakuu 2020


My name is Maura and I work at Rewind. I think I can help you!

Long story short, you're on an old Rewind plan. We used to charge overages based on total items backed up. We've stopped doing that because we learned from our customers that it was not ideal. Now we only charge overages when a customer exceeds allowed orders. We've also adjusted our order thresholds so that overage charges are rare.

GroupSpice, Please keep an eye on your inbox as I'll be reaching out shortly to connect. I am certain I now have a better-fit Rewind plan to offer you. We can also discuss what Rewind can and cannot back up.

For anyone reading along, I'd like to be clear that the plan GroupSpice has described is no longer offered by Rewind. You will not have the same experience!


22. maaliskuu 2017

Haven't had to use Rewind software yet so I left out one star until I actually need to restore from a backup. Other than that very pleased so far.

Baja Bobs
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23. maaliskuu 2018

Good to know there is always a backup.

Bay Area Fair Trade
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23. helmikuu 2017

I am quite happy with my rewind program. I can check to see how my site is doing!

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6. kesäkuu 2017

Haven't had to restore anything yet but I receive weekly reports from Rewind with a backup summary which is great. Submitted a query and received reply back same day. So far so good.

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13. maaliskuu 2019

I am using Rewind to help me with the Backups of my store. Rather than downloading files from Shopify. I wish they had an option on how often you wanted it to run.

FaeLight Market
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