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Bewerkt 15 augustus 2023

UPDATE: (August 165th, 2023)

I was thinking of changing my initial review to higher ratings.

However, my last encounter has been the worst. My products are not syncing with the Bdroppa list. I have been trying to fix this for the last 3 weeks. I have to say their support is extremely terrible. I know that they might not be able to fix right away, but they have to communicate with us let us know what is going on. Only thing I have heard them for 3 weeks is that their technician is working on it. Really? for 3 weeks? I do not think they even know the issue I am having even after so many screenshots and explanations.

They have good products. That is the only reason I am still with them until now. I just started the advertising campaign and I had to pause everything, and this is terrible.

I hope someone from Bdroppa will REALLY read this and address the root cause.
They have potential if provide better support.

I upgraded this app so I can have more products and other features. They took my payment, but have not provide any paid features. I have sent them multiple messages/tickets and yet to hear back!!!

They seems to have products that I am looking for. However I am not happy with their support so far. I am not sure what to expect if I need customer support in the future for any of my orders.

Why can't they have some dedicated resources for drop-shipping customers? They need to gain the trust.

Seems they are actively replying here. Hopefully they will pay attention to my message here!!!!

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IDT S.p.A. heeft geantwoord 17 januari 2023

Hi ItalianShoesOnline, we are so sorry to hear about the inconvenience you experienced with our app, our customer service team this morning has responded to you. We hope you can change your mind about our app and appreciate its 100% potential.
We always remain available for our customers.
The BDroppy Team

Bewerkt 17 december 2022

I am keep writing here to update you to be aware of this SCAM !
2nd day I am waiting for their support but nothing from there ..
I just wasterd my 99EURO

Working good | user friendly but no sales yet . I never called for customer service yet we will hope the best.
Thank you

falks please beware of this tools

I am very tired of waiting for your products update.. it tooks 2hrs to update 21 products.. it seems i have to wait for an years to complete 5000 products. plus I am tired of waiting for your service team ( may be they reply after I fall as sleep)

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3 maanden gebruiken de app
IDT S.p.A. heeft geantwoord 16 december 2022

we are very sorry to hear you changed your mind about us after not receiving assistance. Unfortunately we don't offer customer service outside of office hours and I understand how it can be frustrating for you.
We'll work on that however I'd like to assure you BDroppy is no scam. We are a serious company and have successfully been offering our services for over 2 years. We are always glad to receive feedback from you so we can fix whatever issue we could possibly have.
We know we are having some problems with product import being slow. It's something we couldn't test while creating the app because the issue is relative to the number of users of the app. We are working on it.
We'll be glad to give you more time on your subscription if you'd like to try and give us a chance.

Best regards
The BDroppy team

2 januari 2023

They pay more attention to what people comment on the application page here on shopify than to solve customer problems through the support itself, I've been waiting for a response for several days and so far nothing, I purchased the plan that would give me access to the plugin to be able to use it here in shopify, plugin which doesn't work properly and has already failed me twice in less than a week, I waited 5 days to import the products I selected and it didn't import, I had to reinstall the plugin to start importing the products minimally well, still full of errors, but at least usable, when I went to check and add more products I noticed that the same products had not been updated in a period of 4 days I contacted support and it's been 5 days without any sign of life from them, today I tried to import 300 more products and of these not even 1 was imported.
They sell a service, they don't support customers, for my part I won't renew the subscription if nothing is done and I really hope they do something because this works or else it's an authentic SCAM.

Urban Couture
Ongeveer een maand gebruiken de app
IDT S.p.A. heeft geantwoord 11 januari 2023

Hi Urban Couture, we are sorry that you encountered these problems but we have solved them, in fact thank you for your report because it helped us to make improvements to the app.

Since the launch day we have had a lot of requests and this in some cases may have caused slowdowns in the business but we can tell you that we are continuously working to align the app with the requests of our customers.

We will be more than happy to have you still with us alongside your business with Shopify!

The BDroppy Team

8 april 2023

I upgraded and pay to Plugin plan and it’s not working I don’t get the plan facility’s , I’ve been waiting for 1 day to import more products and it’s not working! Why ?
I paid the plan and I can’t import and list the products so I didn’t can go forward with my business.

Please solve the problem , I paid the plan and no services.
Extend my plan renewal end day +more for each day when I can’t use the plan facilities , no 20% extra discounts , no automated imports not working ....

If you can’t provide the plan facility please refund money !
The Shopify Bdroppy app dont sees that I upgraded to Plugin plan and it’s says that after the trial period ends, I must pay again the price for plugin plan … !! Why ??
I hope somebody will take a look and solve the problems , i cant manage the business and im loosing time and money because the Bdroppy app wont import and sync products to Shopify.

Mili & Abi Shop
10 dagen gebruiken de app
IDT S.p.A. heeft geantwoord 19 juli 2023

Hi! Our customer care responded to your ticket number #166863 on July 6! Please check your email to find the answer, in the meantime I'll leave you the tutorial that you can also view here We hope the answers we gave you were helpful and please contact us if you have any other questions. See you soon!

12 december 2022

Stay away from this company/app. Bdroppy app shouldn't even be listed on shopify. The customer support is just a scam, they automate all the replies without actually answering the questions. They make it seem that you can earn high profits, but after their crazy shipping fees and additional sales tax charges, you need to either sell the product at retail or make a loss. Many of the luxury brands they offer have only 3-5pcs in stock or don't have any of it in stock. I should have taken the time to read all the negative reviews on trustpilot. Do your research before hand, their are a few other apps that offer much better customer service and inventory compared to these scammers.

7 dagen gebruiken de app
IDT S.p.A. heeft geantwoord 14 december 2022

Hello loryfashion,
we are really sorry you had such a negative experience with our app. However I'd like to assure you BDroppy is no scam. We have successfully been selling our services for over 2 years.
The products are all original and new. Bdroppy sells products from Brandsdistribution, site leader in B2B fashion distribution. All our shipping fees are visible for you to check and eventually decide what to charge your own customer for shipping.
Some products have a better discount from the wholesale price than others and you can choose which products to sell and to which price. Also, all prices are without VAT so if you have a VAT number you won't be paying us any taxes but you'll pay directly on your own country.
You are of course entitled to your opinion but we'd be happy if you'd avoid the use of blaming and untruthful words.

Please feel free to contact us if you'd like to still give us a shot. We'll be more than happy to help you both with technical and commercial issues.

Best regards
The BDroppy team

5 juli 2023

I can't choose the products I want and put them in shopify
I would like you to help me solve this as soon as possible, because I don't even give a tutorial

Look Perfect
3 dagen gebruiken de app
IDT S.p.A. heeft geantwoord 19 juli 2023

Hi. Our customer support answered you ticket #166863 on July 6, 2023. We also share you the tutorial for Shopify here, if you still need us please contact us at Thank you!

15 december 2022

the worst app ever - constantly adding items into my products list by the HUNDREDS spamming my work - causing me to delete items I had created and left in confusion wondering whether they've deleted the items I selected from their store - if any! cannot for the life of me figure out why a supplier would terrorize a user's personal store - would not even rate them a ONE! BUT I HAD TO!

1 dag gebruiken de app
IDT S.p.A. heeft geantwoord 16 december 2022

I'm so sorry to hear you had a hard time with our app. We've worked really hard to make the app as intuitive as possible but maybe we could work further on it.
I believe during the connection wizard you chose to import products by default. This means that the 100 newest products are imported to your list using our suggested sales price.
If you're not happy with your choice you can go to the list settings and deflag the "Import all" option. All products will then be deleted from your list and Shopify product catalog.
You still have 12 days on your free trial and if you'd like, after deleting the products you could choose only the ones you like on the appds product catalog on the sidebar navigation menu. If you need any help we are always at your disposal!

Best regards
The BDroppy team

17 september 2023

I've tried twice to select the products i want to display my store, it doesn't give me the option to do this and uploads 100 random items on the free trial. i have a swimwear store and only want select items however there's no option to choose what you get. whether this is just the free trial I'm not sure.

Nikini swim and skin
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