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15. joulukuu 2023

Perfect for what we need, and the team has helped tremendously with customizing aspects and explaining things thoroughly. I am very happy with the app & support.

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Lizuna KK vastasi 17. joulukuu 2023

Thank you very much for taking some time to leave a review! We're always happy to adjust Beacon's Shopify fraud protection system to fit your business requirements! Your feedback will allow us to continue to add more functions and features to Beacon to better the detection of bad-actors that abuse Shopify's checkout!


2. joulukuu 2021

Provided you get the settings correct for your needs then this is a really great app. The developers are super helpful and will work with you to get your settings right. They are very responsive and quickly fix any issues that arise. Those who have left negative reviews were probably running with the default settings. If you do not configure the settings you actually need then you cannot blame the app for working in a way you might not have expected. So, please ensure you configure it appropriately from the offset and reach out to the developers if there is anything you don't understand. We are very pleased with this app - we have not been running it for long and it has already helped us to prevent a fraudulent transaction.

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Lizuna KK vastasi 2. joulukuu 2021

Thank you so much for the review, Sally! We're always happy to help you get the fraud detection system working the way your business runs. We're here to help your business grow and we're looking forward to working together!


12. huhtikuu 2023

Beacon has been a great help to our store in cancelling fraudulent transactions. They're very attentive and very responsive to us whenever we send them a message. They keep us updated with the new features and they never fail to address our concerns. Kudos to Jason and the team!

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Lizuna KK vastasi 12. huhtikuu 2023

Thank you for leaving a review! We're happy to know our app has been aiding in fraud detection and prevention for your company. We care for your business and our success is only determined by clients that find value in our app. We're glad for the partnership!


24. marraskuu 2020

This service makes going through potentially fraudulent orders so much easier. It tells you exactly what might be wrong with the order and also automates a text verification if an order is flagged by a set amount of factors. You can also have people verify via email. We've been using Beacon for a month now and its the best fraud filter app we have come across. The pricing is beyond reasonable as well.

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Muokattu 31. toukokuu 2020

This is a great fraud app available on shopify. I have used Nofraud, NS8, and others. This beats all of them, they use simple tools like phone verification, detects VOIP, detects multiple orders, detects duplicate IP, Detects carrier name and many other features. Jason who is the lead, listens to concerns and address them. Thank you

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19. heinäkuu 2022

Awesome app! We've had quite a bit of fraud over the years due to the type of products we sell and have used various apps but this is by far the best we've used! It gives you so much control over so many variables to accept orders or not. Even better is the customer service, they'll help you get things set up and customized for your store. Also so far it seems like they're actively working on new features in the background.

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Lizuna KK vastasi 19. heinäkuu 2022

Really appreciate the feedback, Dee! We're happy to hear that Beacon has added valuable protection to help you prevent fraud orders. Your support means that we will continue to develop Beacon into the most customizable fraud prevention platform for Shopify businesses.


13. toukokuu 2022

We started using Beacon to help us police promo code abusers. We were seeing that people kept taking intro deals using new email addresses to continually purchase first-time starter packs. For this problem in particular it took a little time for Beacon to get enough data into their system, but it's really working well now. The most important thing I would highlight is that they are very receptive to feedback finetuning their app to help you get what you need.

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Lizuna KK vastasi 13. toukokuu 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to review our app! We're happy to know that Bacon has become an integral part of the order processing to help you detect for any suspicious activities for promotional abuse fraud. We look forward to working with you to further improve Beacon's functionality and add more tailored customizations and automations.


Muokattu 22. maaliskuu 2019

The app phone verification is very important to secure my shop. And Beacon support team is great. I changed my shop domain and beacon support team has solved all my issues very well after the change. My shop works just fine now.

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17. huhtikuu 2019

We've been using this app for the last two years. It helped us save money from chargebacks and allowed us to verify customers instantly.

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10. heinäkuu 2018

Very pleased in overall! It works great as intended and constantly improves itself overtime. I also had some uninstall-reinstallation issue but J. helped fixing it (he's also very patient with the whole ordeal). Extremely satisfied with the customer service. I definitely recommend this app to everyone!

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