Related Products ‑ Also Bought

Related Products ‑ Also Bought

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Upsell App - Recommended Products - Frequently Bought Together

Boost Sales & Cross-sell

Boost revenue with our easy-to-manage upsell and cross-sell by related product list. Configure related products to meet your unique request

One-click Installation!

One-click install! No coding or template modification required! Just click to install - we won't change any of your template files

Fast, Easy Configuration!

Actual related products that YOU configure easily and quickly! Includes Batch Creation, so you can create many relationships at once!

Related Products ‑ Also Boughtの詳細情報

Related Products - Also Bought - Frequently Bought Together

Show Related Products | Also Bought on any product , because visitors always search for different colors and similar styles on the product they are visiting.

What are Related Products ?

Customers always look for the Related Products with the product they are currently browsing. This app will not let customers go without viewing the product that they need and hence it increase the chances of more sales - Boost Sales. Showing Related Products always help customers to browse more for the design / pattern they are looking for. You can select the products to be shown as recommended products under each product by this app. It allows you to handpick recommended products for each individual product. By using the product recommendations system, you can show the multiple related product recommendations widgets on store This will show up the Related Products of the current product and give customers lot more new options to choose from.

You can customize Related Products

  • Number of Related Products in a row
  • Related Products Title , font size and color
  • Customize price color , font size
  • Customize compare price color , font size
  • Show Related Products by tags
  • Show Related Products by vendor
  • Show Related Products by product type



  • プライバシーポリシー



  • Button Style option
  • Title option
  • Price option
  • Compare Price option
  • Product Title option


  • Display on cart page
  • Full Products, Item options
  • Button Style option
  • Title option
  • Price option
  • Compare Price option
  • Product Title option

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** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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The app is very easy to use, the layout matches exactly with my theme. Looks good and works perfectly looking forward to seeing the increase sales


I could find to sell upsell products the way that I wanted, it does exactly what I needed. Responsive support was provided along with quick installation

APex Hardware NY

excellence customer service, they are on top of your requests, make our site much easier to shop. thank you Thomas