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29 mei 2024

The image optimizer messed up a bunch of our images. When I went to restore them back, it said that it restored them, but they are still messed up. It didn't mess up all of them, but about 15% of them.

BLV Peru
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19 mei 2024

1 star is the lower limit of this evaluation system, not the lower limit that I can rate. If your picture collection comes from EPR and your pictures have been deleted in EPR, then this app will destroy all your product description pictures. When I used this app, all my product pictures were fine, but once I used the picture compression function of this app, almost all the description pictures of the products were destroyed. I checked the damaged part, which was exactly the same as the picture position that I had already deleted in EPR. Therefore, I extremely do not recommend that all dropshipping and any sellers who use EPR to collect products use it to avoid the tragedy that happened to me happening to other sellers again.

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11 juli 2024

Try to install an app and it takes you to their website and a long run around

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26 februari 2024

it made our pics horrible, so have to re-work everything again. it says it can revert but it didn't go back. :(

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28 november 2023

The company overcharged me and also did nothing to help boost sales.

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5 december 2023

Before using this app to "optimize my page" everything was working fine, I had this app to "optimize my images", after a few hours went to my store page and look at that, my products page didnt load anymore, I got an error after every refresh. I will try to restore it and get my store working again. Waste of my time sadly.

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24 oktober 2023

It is not working for me.

Jennylyn Collection
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Bewerkt 23 januari 2024

its not for me thanks

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9 november 2023

Es wird mit kostenlos beworben, aber man muss für alles bezahlen!! Und sich zusätzlich noch anmelden. sehr schlecht! Die Kosten sind auch ein Witz!!!

Lymaja Jewelry
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13 oktober 2023

Total waste of space with 0 functionality! Uninstalled!

Gala Wildlife
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