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5 augustus 2021

It seems very expensive for the benefit we receive from it. I'd like better metrics that show that people are clicking on the collections in the top rank list, which would be helpful to see that people are exploring other products in those collections. I also wanted to use the app to figure out what was my slowest moving inventory and try to promote that as well but there's not a lot of data on that, only on best sellers. Overall I probably won't use the app for much longer outside of the free trial since I can't really calculate the ROI of having this app

Betty's Promos Plus, LLC
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Burst Commerce heeft geantwoord 9 augustus 2021

Thanks for sharing these suggestions.

Best Sellers does not support click tracking within the app. However, we can add some tracking parameters to the links so you can see how shoppers behave using your own analytics.

To see your slow movers, you can use the Best Sellers report which includes sales rank and percentile for all products with at least one sale within the specified period. You can then merge this data with your full product catalog to see all products that haven't had any sales during tha time frame.

If you contact support, I'd be happy to help you.

- Tom