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20 febbraio 2024

Bait and switch... Halfway through my 10 free merges, they changed it to 5 free merges

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BestApper ha risposto 26 febbraio 2024

I hope you're doing well.
We are a bit confused by your review. Since Mergify started, it always offered 10 free merges on the Starter plan. After more than two years, we changed the free tier plan to offer better services to our customers.

Your review may suggest that we reduced the free merges and start charging you sooner than you expected. This is not the case.
It also may suggest that we employ tactics to overcharge users. This is also not the case. This was a simple change in the free tier plan.

We would love to communicate and resolve this misunderstanding.

1 marzo 2022

Do not recommend this app if you have a high volume of orders. Orders being merged, but then items being restocked and overselling. Not to mention then having to invoice for more shipping.

Zor-Elle Fabrics - House of Dots
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Circa un mese di utilizzo dell’app
BestApper ha risposto 2 marzo 2022

Thanks for writing your review for Mergify!
We apologize for any inconvenience that our app made for you. Our support team has contacted you for more elaboration on these problems, so we can solve these issues for you.

Generally speaking, You have stated two matters:

1. "items being restocked and overselling"

2. "having to invoice for more shipping"

Regarding the first one, when you merge orders, Mergify archives the original orders and makes a new combined test order that neither increases nor decreases any product's inventory quantity.

For the second matter, the overall shipping cost is usually lower than the sum of the original orders ones.

We would really appreciate it if you elaborate more on these problems, so we can solve them together as soon as possible!