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16 maj 2024

App works well for us, however communication/customer service is absolutely horrendous. Twice now I've waited several days, I think a week one time, for a response or solution. I've emailed and I've used their chat on the app. Crickets.

Polish Pickup
Mer än ett år användning av appen
BestApper svarade 19 maj 2024

Thanks for your feedback. We're happy Mergify works well. I'm sorry for the poor support experience. We're answering merchant questions, helping them set up Mergify for their stores, and adding features per their request. We always try to be better.

1 mars 2024

Gross, they switched to 5 total merges and now you have to sub for $10 a month for 35 total, then it incrementally gets more expensive the more you use it. I'll take my Netflix subscription elsewhere; thank you

Nästan 2 år användning av appen
BestApper svarade 6 mars 2024

I hope you're doing well.
Mergify saves stores time and money. With Mergify, merchants can efficiently merge orders and save money on multiple shipping labels. We try to provide the best service for our customers. After two years of offering a comprehensive free plan, we decided to limit it so we could focus on our paid customers.
The free plan is for testing the app and finding the best settings.

We're more than willing to extend the free merges for any store if they need more to complete their tests and setup.