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11. huhtikuu 2023

The app works great, and the customer service is top notch! Any time I have been unable to figure out how to create a custom report I need (which is fairly frequently), the Better Reports team helps me through the process and makes it very simple.
Better Reports gives you access to the data you need at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend it!

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7. lokakuu 2022

What a GREAT app!! After doing a bit of research to find the best report app I landed on Better Reports. The app offers some of the best reporting options. The best part of this app is the 5-star service I received. I worked with Claudia and made many requests for some very detailed and customized reports. Claudia accomplished everything I wanted on the SAME day that I requested. I'm very happy with my new reports and highly recommend this app for your reports!

The Bridal Method
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27. joulukuu 2022

We just started trialing Better Reports and so far I'm very happy with the support that we have received. We needed to create a custom report and the agent helping me (Claudia) stayed on and worked on the report until we were satisfied. Good support is so hard to find these days and makes a huge difference. Thank you again Claudia!

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12. kesäkuu 2023

WOW! Pretty much sums it up! Same day service, usually just hours til that report Shopify doesn’t have is made by Better Reports team and ready to use. Best $20 I spend a month to have reports look just like my old POS used to have them set up, so everyone is still on the same page when we talk numbers!

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2. helmikuu 2023

Better Reports has been awesome to use so far because their customer service is top notch. I will say the reports are difficult to navigate yourself at first but I have emailed customer and they have responded with the report in under 10 minutes.

I even requested help on how to create them myself and they provided me a full video with instructions. Thanks BR!

The Tried Equestrian
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19. huhtikuu 2023

Nothing but good things to say about this App! Every time I request a report they get back to me quickly. They always check to see if that is what I needed or if they need to change anything. Extremely helpful to my accountant as well. Thanks for the A+ service!

Scrap Diva Designs
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21. maaliskuu 2023

Better Reports is nothing short of amazing. I have been using it for a while now and it has completely transformed the way of working in my business. The insights that I have gained from using this app are invaluable, and have helped me make smarter and more informed decisions.
One of the things that sets this app apart from others is the exceptional quality of their staff. Every member of their team is not only incredibly knowledgeable, but also quick to respond to any questions or concerns that I may have. They are always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that I am fully satisfied with the app and the service that they provide.
Overall, I cannot recommend this app enough. If you are looking for a powerful reporting tool to help you grow your business, this is the app for you.

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4. elokuu 2023

I have only been working with Better Reports for a few days, but so far any time I have requested help running a report they have responded super quickly with exactly what I want and some other options. I would rate their Customer Service EXCEPTIONAL! Claudia rocks!

Zodica Perfumery
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6. lokakuu 2022

This app gets an A+ from us. We use this app to pull important data from Shopify and Recharge that we'd otherwise be unable to obtain. Their support gets an A+ because they quickly helped us create some new unique reports and showed us how to easily build reports and access the information we need on our own.

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23. helmikuu 2023

WOW! I have to say the app is a must-have and works super well. At first, it took me some time to understand but then I got it and its very easy. What makes the app even better is the customer service. They really try to help you and if they can't, they try their best to find other solutions.

Arms of Andes
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