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6. toukokuu 2017

I needed a special report made, and Clement did it for me. The software itself is amazing and in-depth, anybody looking to go beyond Google Analytics and Shopify stats should get this. I'm excited to experiment with a few hypothesis we have come up with thanks to Better Reports. Awesome!!

Everything Forever Store
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7. huhtikuu 2017

Wow, I reached out to and reached Clement Gutel who said he would create my report himself with all of the info I needed in about 18hr. I was concerned because I needed a lot of variants so told him he could reach out to me via Skype (I believe he's based in Australia). He instantly began a chat with me on Skype and confirmed he would get everything to me by morning my time. Sure enough, when I woke up it was in my inbox NO FLAWS, all correct! I had one question though and he responded to me at 12:30AM his time... DEDICATED and AWESOME customer service!! Thank YOU, Clement and Better Reports :)

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12. joulukuu 2017

Jaw dropping service. Ridiculously competent, personal service.

Every single request I have thrown at Clement has come back with a fast reply with the answers I needed.

Reports are created to spec or he will show you what you need to do for future reference to create your own report.

I have just created a table of sale per product within each vender showing sales throughout the year on a monthly basis - how incredible? This is perfect for seeing sale trends and future stock planning.

Amazing. I have been using Shopify for years and have been through SO many apps for reporting.

The combination of human availaibility and solid coding/reporting is a perfect match.

Hopefully the $149 will pay for itself each month in wise stock choices and sales growth.

Richards Guitars
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16. toukokuu 2017

Can I rate it 10 stars? This, by far, is one of the most intuitive, robust apps I have every used in Shopify after developing four sites for various clients. While there are dozens of thoughtful, well designed, pre-made reports included, the real beauty of this product is the custom report function. I can't say enough about the flexibility and ease of use. All of the data is there, including original order-level line item data. Creating reports is as simple as drag and drop and you can create a variety of report types including matrix and charts.

The customer service is unparalleled and when I identified a need, it was incorporated in the the app by the next day. His email said it had value for all his clients so he was happy to get it done quickly. Now that, is service.

If you are concerned about the cost of the app I can tell you from experience it is far more powerful than the custom report function Shopify offers in its $299/mo go for the lower version of Shopify and supplement it with this is worth it! Great job Clement!

Jazz Night School
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20. helmikuu 2018

Clement is incredibly helpful. This App is terrific for reporting and scheduling automatic reports, particularly if you are on the Shopify Advanced plan.

She Lion
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10. toukokuu 2017

Developer was extremely responsive to questions and open to adding new features. Recommended !

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23. huhtikuu 2022

I find it difficult to create a proper report, however...
Their response team is always quick to help and they are very good at creating the report you want!

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24. helmikuu 2022

This app makes life and reporting in Shopify so much easier! It allows details and info that you just can't get from Shopify as designed (one of many things you can't get from Shopify as designed.......but I'll leave that for another day!) Anyways, it's been a great help for us in determining several analyses that we needed. The only reason for not being five stars is that there is a learning curve. Not certain if it could be more user friendly or smoother in creating reports or not. So aside from the learning curve, it would be 5 stars. Also - shout out to their support people. They actually DO respond and reach out to you which beats many other apps. Thank YOU!

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28. tammikuu 2021

I am still new to this app but so far it it really helpful!. It is very useful in breaking down my sales in to each product category which aids in creating open to buy plans. There are TONS of reports that I haven't even looked into so I'm sure I'll only find more uses as I go but even just the two reports I'm currently using make it worth it. My only negatives I would have is that it really annoys me that they increase the plan price based on my Shopify plan. I don't understand at all why that is the case and it seems like they are just forcing me to pay more for the same product which is very frustrating. Also, I have to mention the support I have received has be exceptional! They have been vey helping with getting me set up with custom reports and schedules tailored to my business needs. That being said I would like to see support be available via chat like some of the other competitors out there as opposed to just email. I'm guessing this will come available as they continue to report. Overall good reporting features with a very helpful and friendly staff!

Charli Rose
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Muokattu 5. toukokuu 2021

GREAT customer service!!!!!!!!! Just not sure if I need to pay $20 for this service for my business.

Chula Aesthetics
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