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23. huhtikuu 2022

I find it difficult to create a proper report, however...
Their response team is always quick to help and they are very good at creating the report you want!

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24. helmikuu 2022

This app makes life and reporting in Shopify so much easier! It allows details and info that you just can't get from Shopify as designed (one of many things you can't get from Shopify as designed.......but I'll leave that for another day!) Anyways, it's been a great help for us in determining several analyses that we needed. The only reason for not being five stars is that there is a learning curve. Not certain if it could be more user friendly or smoother in creating reports or not. So aside from the learning curve, it would be 5 stars. Also - shout out to their support people. They actually DO respond and reach out to you which beats many other apps. Thank YOU!

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16. elokuu 2021

très bonne présentation des rapport de SALES - super service client qui m'a repondu super vite quand j'ai eu besoin d'ajouter des tris spécifiques à mes rapports.

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Muokattu 5. toukokuu 2021

GREAT customer service!!!!!!!!! Just not sure if I need to pay $20 for this service for my business.

Chula Aesthetics
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3. helmikuu 2021

Been using this app to get reports from our system. Does a great job, even if you don't really know what you are doing. And an even better job if you do. :)

Isle of Games
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28. tammikuu 2021

I am still new to this app but so far it it really helpful!. It is very useful in breaking down my sales in to each product category which aids in creating open to buy plans. There are TONS of reports that I haven't even looked into so I'm sure I'll only find more uses as I go but even just the two reports I'm currently using make it worth it. My only negatives I would have is that it really annoys me that they increase the plan price based on my Shopify plan. I don't understand at all why that is the case and it seems like they are just forcing me to pay more for the same product which is very frustrating. Also, I have to mention the support I have received has be exceptional! They have been vey helping with getting me set up with custom reports and schedules tailored to my business needs. That being said I would like to see support be available via chat like some of the other competitors out there as opposed to just email. I'm guessing this will come available as they continue to report. Overall good reporting features with a very helpful and friendly staff!

Charli Rose
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28. tammikuu 2021

I have no doubt they'll get to 5 stars, the only things that warranted 4 stars today were the occasional issues loading changes to reports and the overall visual appeal/user-friendliness. Takes a bit of time to figure your way around, but once you do it's a very valuable tool that works well with other apps. Customer service is top notch as well with speedy, friendly responses to any questions/issues and oftentimes can create the report you're hoping for. Would certainly recommend.

Local Food Supply Co.
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29. joulukuu 2020

I really liked this app and it helped pull reports that Shopify should have built into it already- but we upped shopify plans and they tried to up the cost $110/month. Can't justify spending $150/month on just reports.

Archive Sunday
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20. lokakuu 2020

Functionally is great and very powerful. Design is bit painful to look at and could for sure use some love.

Friends or Friends
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4. syyskuu 2020

Great app. Finally I can get accurate data from a reporting app. Would be great if there were some report building tutorials available.

Bee Arty
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