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5 aprile 2024

It doesn't do EVERYTHING we would like it to do due to limitations Shopify puts on their access, however their support team is super helpful and has helped us improve many of our reports!

Spring Sweet
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18 giugno 2024

Right out of the box, it is working great... only 4 stars because I feel It's a little pricy at $20 per month, but I need the reporting it can provide.
I wish there was an annual payment option to reduce the cost by 25%. I'd be all in and give 5 stars for that!

Traveling Bags
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5 marzo 2024

The Better Reports app is capable of giving you *much* better and more insightful information than the native Shopify options. It comes pre-configured with plenty of useful reports that you can use off the shelf and also customize to suit your particular purposes. For example not only can you see sales of a product for a period, the report can compare those sales to prior periods to show (hopefully) growth. I recommend copying the reports you want to change, and then changing the copy, so you have a backup. Personally, I have found configuring some of the reports challenging, but all the staff (*particularly Claudia) is cheerful and happy to help.

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7 marzo 2024

Besides some custom work that has to happen on certain reports, the app is very robust, and their support is outstanding. Very responsive and knowledgeable.

Boveda Development
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19 dicembre 2023

I'm very new to Better Reports. What I've been provided with so far is very good and helpful with my reporting. I have a lot of categories that I need broken down and the team responds quickly and asks appropiate questions to get it right.
If you cannot get detailed reporting from the system you currently use, I would recommend Better Reports for more detailed reporting.
:) Liz

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21 agosto 2023

4 stars, It helped meand I was to close to get my report. I was looking for orders with pending fulfillment. But the report shows me up the total amount of the order in certain cases and not the dollar amount for the item is still pending to fulfill. It shows the actual price/cost of the item. If the app can improve the report that would be better. Thanks

Sierra Madre Collection
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1 gennaio 2024

i like it

Mini Toys
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11 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
24 agosto 2018

Just upgraded from Shopify Basic to the next-level subscription. The upgrade itself was free because we have a POS too, so the total amount was the same. We've now come to realize that it'll cost us 20$ more pr. month because of Better Reports priceplan setup. Probably wouldn't have upgraded if we were aware of that. So pay attention to that.

Good app though.

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23 aprile 2022

I find it difficult to create a proper report, however...
Their response team is always quick to help and they are very good at creating the report you want!

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Data modifica: 5 marzo 2020

Great support and a bespoke report quickly put together for me which is easy to use and solved my problem...really happy thank you.

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