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21 mei 2024

This app has been tremendously helpful in analyzing my business's various metrics. I have tried others in the past, and this is the one that does it all. Also, customer service has been exceptional! They help out when I have questions and even create custom reports for when I have very specific requirements. You will not be disappointed!

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6 juli 2024

Just had some excellent support on this app and wanted to leave this review to reflect that. Thanks Kritesh

Reading Half Marathon
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14 mei 2024

Excellent customer service, and just about every piece of data you could want, the way you want it.

Shopify has Order Reports, Transaction Reports, and Payout Reports, which are almost impossible to tie out to each other using Shopify itself.

Better reports allow for custom solutions to rebuild the necessary reporting that ties all three together, and many more solutions.

ABC reports - ever want to customize Shopify's? You can with Better reports.

This app allows reporting to be a quick and easy thing, rather than that dreaded moment of each month with Shopify's default reports, allowing you to focus on other things.

Idaho Central Credit Union
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5 juni 2024

Better reports gave us the opportunity to automate our workflow as a company. Other than the variety of pre-built reports, the custom reports feature has helped reduce our manual paperwork greatly. We use credit as a payment term with some of our suppliers and service providers like local delivery companies and international shipping carriers. With a click of a button, we can generate reports to predict the upcoming bills way before they're due. Once we reach the due date, our report is ready for accounting.

The app is user friendly, but their support team is competent and quick to respond should you need any help. Keanna has helped us create multiple custom reports so far, and is always eager to provide some tips.

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2 juli 2024

Great customer support when we have questions. Lots of useful information. Custom generated reports are incredibly helpful.

Amanda Klein
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23 april 2024

Can't imagine having Shopify without this! Shopify is great but reports are limited. We have a large amount of products and transactions and Better Reports gives us the options that we need to better understand our business. If I ever have trouble creating a report, their support teams responds within hours with assistance. The best!

Stewart Simmons
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26 april 2024

Exhaustive reports that gives important insight on your business. As a small business Better Reports can provide a lot of information for us in matter of seconds. Their amazing customer service is friendly and most importantly very quick and thorough.

Il était une fleur
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19 juni 2024

I have asked them to build several rounds of reports, often from separate tables, and they are SHOCKINGLY responsive! Any time I need something tweaked or want to view it another way, they make it seem so easy.

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2 juli 2024

I do accounting for a mid-sized action-sports apparel company and we just switched our POS retail platform to Shopify and use Better Reports for more robust and detailed analysis. Better Reports reduced my stress significantly and the reporting features are robust and can be easily manipulated to extract exactly the information you need. I've run into a few road blocks and each time I've reached out for help, their customer support was on it so fast and I got the help I needed within an hour (compared to days with some other companies). Shout out to Keanna at BetterReports who was extremely helpful with creating the custom reports I wanted. Compared to other interfaces and customer service, this app is a game changer!

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14 juni 2024

Better Reports is so much better than shopify reports! Thanks for such a great tool!

Electro Threads
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