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19 febbraio 2024

Billbee is ideal for smaller merchants who infrequently reorder from a few suppliers. It differs from other ERP systems because you can't directly place orders with suppliers or automatically update inventory levels. Although intended as a central tool for managing inventory and multiple shops, Billbee requires you to organize all reorders yourself and outside of the system. This makes the work more cumbersome and prone to errors, especially when managing multiple shops. Keeping track of inventory becomes unnecessarily complicated due to the absence of a crucial function.

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30 gennaio 2019

Cannot stress how much easier our lives have become since using Billbee in Spring 2017. We have used many types of software, and Billbee and Slack are the only ones which have stuck to us through thick and thin.
Customer Support is awesome, and very fast. Great product!

Great system for multi-channel vendors.

Keep up the good work :-)

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31 gennaio 2020

Good working app. Everything what you get from billbee is easy to use works fine for small and big businesses. The support is great and the price modeling is perfect for growing businesses who don't want to pay to much fixed money per month.

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3 febbraio 2020

Billbee's great. Maybe not perfect. But for small money we get our shipping efforts on Amazon, Ebay and Shopify stable and well managed. I can only recommend it to everyone
Regno Unito
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Data modifica: 31 gennaio 2020

Ich benutze Billbee seit drei Jahren und bin von der App und dem Kundenservice begeistert! Billbee funktioniert sowohl für den Shopify Shop als auch für meine Amazon Anbindung einwandfrei. Egal wie hoch das Bestellvolumen auch in der Vergangenheit war, mit Billbee gab es nie ein Problem.

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31 gennaio 2020

Super App & richtig guter Support! Nutze Billbee seit über 2 Jahren und bin sehr happy. Ich nutze es vor allem für die zentrale Bestandsplanung (Sync zwischen Amazon und Shopify), die automatische Rechnungsstellung und die Erstellung von DHL Labels + Packlisten.

Happy Coffee
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Data modifica: 29 gennaio 2019

Best All-in-one solution for German Shopify merchants! Easy to use and seamless integration with Shopify.

PEGADOR - Dominate the Hype
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6 febbraio 2020

Super App, bietet sehr viel von dem was wir brauchen! Gerade wenn man auf verschiedenen Plattformen unterwegs ist!

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17 settembre 2020

Sehr sehr guter Customer Service! Bin sehr zufrieden. Was ich mir noch wünschen würde wäre ein Schritt-fürSchritt Video wie man das Setup von Shopify zu Billbee macht und alles automatisiert. Aber sonst ist alles super!


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Data modifica: 31 gennaio 2020

The perfect app! I could not handle my business one day without Billbee. Helps immensely with fulfillment, customer management, shipping labels, bookkeeping and inventory. Customer service is fast and very helpful. I manage 4 stores from different platforms without difficulties. Worth every single penny!

Mighty Vintage
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