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17 juli 2024

I can't cancel the subscription. I will remove the review if you cancel it.

I hate apps that have the right to not give you the option to do this on your own. We need more regulations on Shopify app store regarding this.

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3 juli 2024

No one will reply to any of your messages. This app installation does not work, need help from a technician, sent numerous messages with no reply, do not install this app.

Kingbull Bikes
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Simprosys InfoMedia heeft geantwoord 9 juli 2024

Dear Merchant,

I am Milan Vaghela, Product Lead at Simprosys InfoMedia.

We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience you've experienced with our app installation and support. We understand how frustrating it can be when you're in need of assistance and don't receive timely responses.

We have checked our records and found that we have already replied to your support ticket. However, it seems our emails might not have reached you.

We would greatly appreciate the opportunity to make things right. If you could give us a second chance, we would be happy to schedule a Google Meet call with screen sharing facility to assist you in real-time with the installation and configuration of the app for your Shopify store.

Our support specialist will assist you in completing the app setup and troubleshoot any issues you are facing.

Please reply to this message or reach out to us at to schedule a convenient time for the Google Meet call.

Thank you for your patience and understanding. We are committed to ensuring you have a smooth experience with our app.

Milan Vaghela
Simprosys InfoMedia

21 januari 2019

Be careful from this App!! i waited 30 days to the feed approved. but they are so full of liars. do not install this APP Save your money!

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Bewerkt 1 april 2019

THE FEED DID NOT WORK and NOW DEVELOPER IS HARASSING ME for leaving a 2 sentance feedback. This is how I FINALLY got Bing shopping ads to work: Asked Shopify for my sitemap, which is your primary In Bing Merchant Center, CREATE a new Catalog for EACH of the http's listed on your site map. Within 24 hours all your products show up. Then, at your dashboard, Create an Ad Campaign from the Catalogs. Ie: All products, or you can start with all products and use the filter for only certain products from the all products catalog). Make sure all your products are listed using Google product ID (= Google product type available by googling it) Why pay this rude a^*#% when you will have to do it yourself anyway? EVERY Shopify store has it's own feed! Bing will walk you through it if you need help. THIS FEED is a FRUSTRATING WASTE OF YOUR TIME!!!
Arit's reply below shows his IGNORANCE of Bing, which explains why he was of NO help. My direction above is the only way you will get a Bing Shopping Campaign. If you have 3 weeks to waste, go ahead and use this app. Just be sure to cancel it before he starts charging you!

Smoky Mountain Fresh Roast Coffee
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Simprosys InfoMedia heeft geantwoord 31 maart 2019

----------- First Update
We have no intention to harass anybody... I just had to put your First Review...

Also, the sitemap thing you are mentioning here is, not a Shopping Feed at all... It is a sitemap for "Webmasters" or "Search Console" submission for organic results.

I have an equal right to counter the falsehood and safeguard other merchants from getting misguided.

-------- Our First Response to merchant's 4th Update in the review...
As per your first review, you had appreciated the quick response. We had sent you a help doc URL of Bing. (screenshot attached on this URL -

We had to send you a URL because you were not comfortable using Skype or any other similar service to talk to us and let you assist to resolve the setup issues.

We normally send it to all the merchants as the first step in this kind of situation considering merchants may not be aware of the actual process. Then you never mentioned that I have already read it, had you replied to our suggestion, we would have gone further to assist you made sure the issue is fixed. But, you chose to write a review of the app.

7 oktober 2021

The feed is not working. I contacted technical support regularly, twice a week. Answer - send screenshots, then wait a couple of days. And so for a month.

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