Biocryptology Login

Biocryptology Login

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An app for signing up biometrically with just one click.

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An app that enables the integration of Biocryptology with Shopify, allowing your customers to sign up for your ecommerce store with just one click, in a completely secure way. Thus, you will see your conversion rates increase, especially on mobile devices and, also you will improve your customer experience and reinforce their sense of security.

With Biocryptology you will enjoy the following benefits:

Increase your sales.

  • Increase your registered customer base thanks to our secure “one-click” registration process.
  • By enabling “one-click” registration at checkout, you will increase the conversion of your online business. This is even more important for mobile-first experiences.

Protect your customers against identity theft and fraud.

  • Eliminate phishing campaigns targeted at your store's customers, because there are no passwords to steal.
  • If someone attempts to steal your customers’ identity information through a non-authentic website, your users will instantly be alerted by Biocryptology.
  • Only the customer has access to his/her account through his/her biometrics and is therefore the only person that can execute transactions. This avoids access by persons that have possession of your customer’s password.

Offer your customers an amazing User Experience.

  • No more need to remember passwords.
  • Your customers are able to univocally identify themselves on any device.
  • As your customers have been identified, they will receive personalized content, according to their historical behavior.
  • Your customers have total control over their personal data. Express consent from your customers to share data is easily provided, as well as revoking such access, as GDPR requires.

Fast creation of user accounts.

  • After initial registration, Biocryptology users can create an account easily on your online store or website, without the need to provide their details manually.

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