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This app was uninstalled the same day because the app developer wanted to charge me a fee for integrating the floating widget and rewards page into my theme. The floating widget is large and blocks the cart drawer checkout button on mobile. The buttons on the rewards page are not customisable. The extra fee charge is disappointing because I am on the paid version and it took me all day to set up the app, and I found out last minute about the extra charges. All the other apps I use, paid and free apps, offer support for integration for free.

Trail Threads Co. Limited
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BON Loyalty已回复 2024年7月15日

Dear Trail Threads Co. Limited,

This is Maxxie from BON. I hope you're doing well as you go through our email.

After reading your review, I'm truly sorry for any frustration you've experienced and regret that my response felt robotic. Rest assured, all our messages are sincerely drafted by hand. We genuinely value your feedback and want to offer a solution.

I know this has been mentioned before, but I hope to have your kind understanding that we never intended to overcharge our valued clients for any services. Each website is technically unique, requiring careful personalization for effective widget/ loyalty page integration. So our customization work is always carefully calculated and priced to ensure cost-effective solutions for all BON merchants.

However, you mentioned that you spent considerable time setting up BON, and displaying the widget seems to be the final step, we sincerely hope to continue supporting you by offering the solutions we sent to your email recently. We truly hope you'll check our email and consider them.

This offer is our way of saying thank you for your time spent on the app. We look forward to continuing our partnership and supporting you in launching and measuring the effectiveness of your loyalty program.

Thank you again, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


This app is silly - it has no ability to filter sales channels (why accrue points for amazon shoppers when amazon disallows marketing to their customer) and they don't stand behind their promises. Last year they PROMISED me that amazon customers would not affect my account's order limit and that they were working on a filter. Apparently my customers are not accruing points and this company seems not to care. I say look for another app - I am!

William Glen
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BON Loyalty已回复 2024年2月12日

Dear William Glen shop,

I sincerely hope we can address any misunderstandings and find a resolution.

At BON, we hold our commitments in high regard; they are the cornerstone of our values. Please be assured that the custom work we've undertaken for you, provided at no cost, has been executed with utmost care and precision. We sincerely regret any inadvertent misunderstanding that may have led to your disappointment. To be more specific: In August 2023, we made the adjustment per your request to exempt orders placed using email domains such as @marketplace, @wanelo, @members.ebay, @walmart, etc., from being counted towards the "order limit." However, as you may be aware, email addresses often change and evolve continuously, with variations like .net, .123, and so forth, emerging. Therefore, it's highly likely that there have been additional orders from these new domains over time.

We processed all the new requests from you and look forward to receiving your feedback soon. 🙏
With all due respect and warmth,


App was glitching so bad it would constantly log me out of my Shopify app and ask me to sign in again. When I put the loyalty widget on my website it also started glitching. NO

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BON Loyalty已回复 2024年2月26日

Dear Peolet,

I hope there have been no misunderstandings during your experience. Our app continues to operate smoothly across 5000+ stores, and our team is committed to assisting you until the loyalty program functions seamlessly.

To ensure prompt assistance, could you please provide further details about the issues you're encountering? It's unusual for any app to log you out of your Shopify account, and upon review, we observed that you've installed several apps that may potentially conflict with each other and disrupt the display of the Loyalty widget on your website.

The BON team is eager to work together to address any misunderstandings. Please chat or call us when you are available.


app does not work well - customers can use the rewards with out points. Customers dont have to follow your social they click the tab to follow and they get points without actually following you . When customers redeem points the information does not come over to shopify only that the customer created a discount code but NO ACTUAL order .I have reached out to the app but all they want to do is log on to my shopify account .

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BON Loyalty已回复 2022年8月18日

Dear RokTheBox team,

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We really appreciate your feedback. I truly understand the frustration these issues caused you :( Let me give you some brief explanations of the three concerns you shared in the review:

1. Why customers can get points without actually following the merchant's social media?
The logic is that customers will get points when click on the button "Follow", even if they do not actually follow your social media accounts. Big companies like Facebook, Twitter,..etc. do not allow third-party apps, such as BON, to access the database.
As far as we know, all other loyalty apps on Shopify App Store have the same logic and couldn't access to these big companies' data either. We'd recommend using these features to help you advertise your store's social media, so that your customer can easily connect with your store, rather than the main website only.

2. How could a customer "redeem without points"?
After you adjust the point balance, the remaining point amount is still enough for this customer to redeem. We've carefully looked into the problems you highlighted and have reached out privately via the chat window, or a live meeting to try and resolve these concerns.

3. Why did the Dev team need to log in to your Shopify account?
Customer privacy is Shopify's, and BON's first and foremost priority. That is why we'd need your approval so we can help address and solve the problem much faster. I’m sorry if the collaboration invitation sent to your store made you worry. I hope my answer cleared your concern.

My team is looking forward to hearing from you!
Customer Sucess manager
BON Team


POS Users BEWARE!!! I thought this app was great. They even have a feature to connect the Shopify POS to allow customers to earn points and claim rewards at the register. However this feature was released before it actually works. Thankfully we had 1 honest customer let us know that they claimed their rewards but their point balance never reduced. This reward was a $10 off coupon that they could have used several times due to the points not being removed. When speaking with support I was told that "Currently, the issue with Points are not automatically adjusted when customers redeem at your POS is till being worked on as future features." So in other words the feature never worked to begin with yet it was released and promoted and now the only way to know how much revenue we have lost is to go through thousands of transactions to see who used reward points multiple times without ever having their points removed. I had to manually remove the points in the back end for the customer that informed me of the issue. Needless to say we are turning the feature off and going on the hunt for a new rewards program. It is very disappointing to find out that you are losing only God knows how much revenue due to a plug in not being setup properly by the developer.

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BON Loyalty已回复 2023年7月11日

September 12, 2023
"BON's fundamental principle has always been to safeguard our users' interests diligently"

This is Cara, I hope to address a recent misunderstanding: rest assured that every action involving point redemptions through our POS system must accurately reflect the buyer's remaining points balance by deducting points from their accounts.

Regrettably, during your recent chat, there was a miscommunication and a support staff accidentally suggested otherwise. We take full responsibility for this oversight, and we really, sincerely, apologize for any confusion or frustration this may have caused.

Yesterday, we have sent you a detailed report on the incident rectification and our reimbursement. We understand that nothing can completely compensate for the feelings you may have experienced (we feel for it), but we really hope to demonstrate our genuine commitment to resolving this matter promptly and to your satisfaction.

Our primary objective is to ensure your comfort and trust in how we handle incidents, resolve issues, and, most importantly, safeguard your rights as a user. Let me hear your comment!

September 07, 2023
Good day to you, Thesnackhut team,

Our team and Genie would like to express our gratitude for your amazing feedback. We are really happy that you put your trust in BON Loyalty! Our team will continue to work harder and provide better services to our merchants 🌸

If you need further support, we will always be waiting for you at live chat or help@bonloyalty.com

Warmest regards,
BON Team


I would give zero stars if I could
I used this app for some time now with no problems, I had completely set it up to only work on points balance and only 3 options for redeeming when I had set it up. At some point between then and now new features became available and were automatically turned on.
I only discovered this a couple days ago when someone used those new features to take $200 worth of product for free using them.
This was massive to me, I'm a small business. I can't afford such a massive loss.
After I contacted support they were no help at all leaving me absolutely distraught

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BON Loyalty已回复 2023年3月20日

Dear Phoebelunacreative,

Thank you for bringing to our attention the issues you've experienced with the app. We appreciate your feedback, and we acknowledge receiving your report about redeeming options that were automatically enabled without your consent led to the loss of value on your orders.

At BON, we understand that any changes to the app can have an impact on our merchants' businesses, and it's important for us to be transparent and to be proactive in communicating with our merchants. We take your concerns seriously and would like to work directly with you to resolve this incident as soon as possible.

Please keep in touch with our team via email or live chat, and we will update you with more information and solution shortly.

Customer Sucess manager
BON Team


DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME SETTING STUFF UP UNTIL YOU KNOW IT WORKS WITH YOUR STORE!! Initially, Genie was amazing until I got my store setup and realized that the app didn't work with my store. That's when I realized I was talking to a bot or AI, the responses were super kind but no resolution to my issue was proposed. Just simply, it doesn't work with your type of login page. I wasted in all about 5 hours between setup and emailing with support and now I get to start over with another app.

Danhof Aloe
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BON Loyalty已回复 2024年1月4日

Dear my customer,

I sincerely hope you'll give me the chance to contact Recharge, the team responsible for the login page, to understand and provide a solution.

I've explained multiple times that your website doesn't use the Shopify default login page but utilizes the login function of Recharge, a subscription app. When attempting to log in to your store, Recharge doesn't allow it, and this issue is affecting BON. However, I understand that you've gathered this information, and the ultimate need is still a solution.

Please understand that BON is always striving to harmonize with all BON-installed stores, regardless of their technological differences. I'm currently in discussions with the relevant parties and will provide you with an official response soon.


There are so many functions that are completely unusable. Doubt the authenticity of this free app.
It's been installed for a month and the data is not synchronized and is completely unusable. After the customer service enthusiastically helped me to install it successfully and guided me to give five-star praise, the customer service was very perfunctory about our data migration problem, and every time I asked it, it was busy and needed to be processed.

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BON Loyalty已回复 2022年6月26日

Dear Katebackdrop,

Firstly, I'd like to apologize for your experience with BON. Allow me to answer to your concerns highlighted in your review:

1. I'd like to confirm that even BON is a free app, all of the features are available and ready to use. BON remains a free app to improve basic features and raise brand awareness. Our production team does have pricing plans to launch next month. And customers who install before we launch pricing plans are in the Early Bird plan, in which all the current features are remained free forever.

2. Regarding the matter, We needed a few days, during the peak ticket period, to fulfill the request for you...Our team always strives to meet our merchants' needs and do everything possible to fulfill the request. I really hope for your understanding on this matter.

Customer satisfaction is always our biggest incentive. We all look forward to your response!
Here's the link for you to reinstall BON: https://apps.shopify.com/bon-loyalty-rewards

Warmest regards,
Customer Sucess manager
BON Team


DO NOT under any circumstances, install this app. yes, the people are nice. yes, it should have a lot of features. but when they start having server issues... you will regret it. ALL settings were removed... placement, colors, etc... that overlapped with critical gui features in our cart so people couldnt add things or checkout. when i went to get support - they couldnt even disable it. this cost me real world dollars. i hope they get it fixed, but the risk is not worth it. then... the canned responses from support start to grow infuriating. "my customers cant check out - i cant disable your app - i need a resolution right now as this is costing me money" "you are important to us. rest assured we will work hard"
- useless.

Upgrade Keyboards
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BON Loyalty已回复 2022年6月14日

Dear Upgrade Keyboards team,

We genuinely apologize for the experience you have with our app :( Our team has looked into the issues you reported and fixed the problems immediately after your feedback.

- The problem with customization and widget appearance is completely fixed now.
- The matter related to the checkout process needed to be investigated further. My colleague sent you a follow-up email with a detailed explanation for each matter. Please let us know if the email finds you well.

Again, I'm so sorry that our app and service have not met your expectation... Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.

Customer Sucess manager
BON Team


I had really high hopes for this app. It was perfect but as soon as I finished setting everything up, it stopped working.

Lea Locs Wigs & Extensions
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BON Loyalty已回复 2022年9月8日

Dear Lea Locs Wigs & Extensions,

We highly appreciate you taking the time to write in and leave feedback! There was an issue on Monday 5th Sep that caused temporary inaccessibility. Our team has sent you emails with an offer to live support via TeamViewer and get this all sorted out for you ASAP.

This issue is now completely fixed. Please check on the update so we can assist you better.

Warmest regards,
Customer Sucess manager
BON Team