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be aware this is not a plug and play app. You have to add coding to your website. The coding was added to my website by the team but sadly it made my website refresh every time you touched a product. The staff were very helpful and removed the code for me at no cost.

Kensington Planning
Webkul Software Pvt Ltdが返信しました 2022年1月25日

Hey, Thanks for the review ! Please excuse us for the less satisfied response.
As we have checked, Our support team is in constant touch with you & assisting you in resolving your queries. However, You have posted the review with-in 1 hour of installing the app.

Furthermore, Please be informed that, the Auto-inject codes do work in shopify generic themes but you've the custom theme available in your store & Custom themes have their own way to manage the files & in such case, We helps the merchants with addition of app codes.

Let's talk & clear all the confusions via our support ticketing system - Team Webkul


Our multi-vendor ecommerce platform was stable when we first launched and were still working with our developers. Over time, multiple issues that impacted either our sellers or buyers came up. Some were resolved quickly, however some took over a week and they were Severity 1 issues as they impacted sales. We currently have four issues open. Three were opened today and one is outstanding from the previous week. I am offering a three out of five rating as the stability of the software was really good at the beginning but seems to be degrading weekly now. As I am in an different time zone it is difficult to have any back and forth response so a twenty-four hour team would be appreciated. Also, for more complex and high impact issues it would be great to be able to speak with a knowledgeable resource to ensure they are understood as quickly as possible rather than the back and forth that occurs.

Local Street Marketplace
Webkul Software Pvt Ltdが返信しました 2021年11月22日

Hi, Thanks for the review. As we have checked the support communications, all your queries are sorted now, apart from the ones which are coming from the theme, and your theme developer to assist you with the same.
Please let us know in the support ticket, if there is some existing issue remaining.
Team Webkul


I have been interacting with Ayush Kansal for about a week now, for various issues I was facing during installation of this app. All issues have been resolved until now. Some of the basic features are missing from this app, which I would expect in a paid app, related to RENTAL TYPE. Hope that the Webkul Team continuously listens to customers and enhances the features of the Booking App at a fast pace, so that we can continue using this service. Thank you for great customer care... keep up the good work!
Webkul Software Pvt Ltdが返信しました 2020年3月26日

Hi, Thank you for the review.
We have noted all your suggestions as provided and we will try to implement them as soon as we can.
Thank you.


The app is good but has a bug at the moment. In the cart page, it doesn't display properly the booking details for a booking product but instead it outputs an array like this wk_booking: {"timezone"=>"Asia/Manila", "slot_date"=>"17/09/2018 (Mon)", "duration"=>"", "from"=>"", "to"=>"", "timestamp"=>"", "rest_time"=>"", "availability"=>""}. Also it doesn't allow the store owner to put a Book Now button to the single product page for a booking product but only an add to cart button. It would be nice if the add to cart button in every booking product would be replaced by a Book Now button.

Webkul Software Pvt Ltdが返信しました 2019年3月13日


Thanks for the feedback.
The issue can be easily solved as we just need to add a piece of code that wont have this show on the cart page and proper booking slot and the booking date will be shown. Let me know if you consider the app again, we are happy to help.

Team Webkul