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25 giugno 2022

We were using this app to run bookings for our high end rental property. I didn't think it would be difficult. It's stopped working twice, costing us thousands. Shopify needs better app implementation. This is a pain-in-the-ass.

Nuova Zelanda
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 26 giugno 2022

Hi Idlepursuits,

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

As we advised in your support ticket, the app was showing no availability due to the capacity being set to 0. This occurred due to a change you made in your store on May 31st. We can see that this configuration issue has now been corrected and the app is working as expected.

As such, we find your review inaccurate and unwarranted.

The Support Team @ Zetya

Data modifica: 14 ottobre 2021

The app is great for accomplishing a lot of complex setups, but it has two major design problems that won't allow businesses that have tasting rooms, like a brewery or winery to use the app. Unfortunately, they don't have a way to provide feedback or request product enhancements to the developers either. I found their support to be very condescending at times, and they tend to treat you like you're an idiot rather than try to help you understand their product. The app makes the assumption that a staff member can't handle appointments/reservations of a capacity of more than one person. I get that makes sense for a lot of businesses, but I think that decision should be up to the end-user and not enforced by the app. Like most small tasting rooms we are limited in staff so we need to be able to not allow people to book appointments for a tasting if our staff is out of the office or busy, and the app determines staff free/busy time by syncing with any calendar app that supports iCal, which is a really nice feature. But there is no way other than associating a staff member to an appointment type to block out a time slot based on staff availability unless you associate that staff member to the appointment type. Once you do that you've limited the number of people that can attend an appointment to 1 person because one staff member is limited to a capacity of 1. Like most small tasting rooms we only have one bar where we do private tastings, and it seats 8 people, so when we schedule a private tasting we limit it to 8, but again, we can't both limit appointments based on staff availability AND the capacity of our tasting room bar, it's one or the other. If they would just fix staff resources so we could define the capacity a staff can handle then everything would work just fine, but they refuse to even consider it from my discussions with them so far. Their only recommendation was to use equipment in place of staff because if you can set capacity on equipment, but the equipment type doesn't allow you to associate a free/busy calendar to it. Their underlying schema must support capacity for staff because when you export staff from the product to CSV there is a capacity/inventory column that is set to 1 for staff, but they said it's hardcoded and can't be changed (I already tried importing with the Inventory set to 8, and it just reset it back to 1). And there's no way to file enhancement requests to their development team. Honestly, the product is so powerful I really find it hard to believe that there isn't a way to accomplish what I need, but to date, their support has been of little help trying to help me solve it, and they no longer offer paid install/configuration support so you're going to be stuck figuring out difficult setups by yourself because their support gets impatient really quick if there isn't an easy answer to your problem...I've practically begged to pay them in the past and they have no interest at all. The primary reason I'm giving it a 2-star rating is because of their support and unwillingness to accept product feedback or enhancement request other than filing a support ticket, which to date just keeps getting closed with the resolution that the product can't do what I need. And their unwillingness to do provide custom support even if you're willing to pay for it. It's very possible that I was just unlucky and happened to get the same person every time I opened a ticket, but I've opened quite a few tickets over the past several months and I had the same experience each time. I'm not giving up yet, mostly because there aren't many better options, and I'm just hoping with a little more tweaking I'll figure something out. This all said, if I was the type of business like the ones they discuss in a lot of their examples, I probably would have had a much better experience and a lot fewer problems. I could see giving it a 4 star, maybe a 5-star rating if I didn't have to talk to their support and I was running a hair or nail salon. Also, take a minute to read all the responses to any reviews that didn't give a 4-star or higher rating and that will be the type and tone of responses you will get from their support when you run into tougher problems to solve. I would guess that there are probably a much higher percentage of people that use their products that never have to deal with support, if you're one of them then you probably love the product.

Robert Clay Vineyards
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 14 ottobre 2021

Dear Dan McLaughlin of Robert Clay Vineyards

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Given your behaviour on our support desk and your previous threats to leave a bad review, this review is not particularly surprising.

We work with merchants, both large and small, on a daily basis to take product feedback and improve the app. Please refer to our release notes for the latest feature additions.

We have dozens of wineries and brew shops as part of our customer base and they are a terrific bunch of people to work with. It’s unfortunate that you were unable to work with us in a constructive and professional manner.

Good luck with your shop.

The Support Team @ Zetya

Data modifica: 12 febbraio 2021

This is a GREAT app and I would have given it a 5 star review but some of their "Support" person saying that I would be banned from further support if I continued to use all caps in my message. I only used it in two words to add emphasis and not to be insulting in anyway. Alex did more damage to my perception of this company in 5 minutes to tear down all of the positive feelings I had about the company over the past month of setting this service up. Very sad to post this. Update to this review: I was further contacted by email to say that my review was misleading by using the word "threatening" and so I have removed it but now I do feel harassed because I am being individually targeted by this company. Again just hours ago I would have written an Excellent review for this App - it's exactly what I needed and I'm eager to use the subscription model but now I am afraid that I will be unfairly targeted for having expressed my opinion. I urge their support team to focus on helping customers to what is otherwise a GREAT product.

Recovery Counseling
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 12 febbraio 2021

Dear Merchant

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

Your review however is completely misleading. We did not insult or threaten you in any way.

We politely asked you to refrain from using all caps when communicating with our support desk. The majority of our customers understand this standard internet protocol and appreciate the heads up.

If you believe that writing a malicious review is the right way to respond to a polite request to refrain from using all caps, then so be it.

We stand by our policy to maintain a friendly and constructive support experience for both our merchants and our support staff.

In terms of being "harassed" or "unfairly targeted", these are inflammatory comments that are untrue. You chose to write a public review and we chose to respond to this review with the facts. If you didn't want a public response, then perhaps you should have chosen a different medium to provide your feedback.

The Support Team @ Zetya

Data modifica: 18 gennaio 2021

Now after 9 months of use, I feel that this review is more accurate/fair - In principle, and when working smoothly, this app is the best I found in regards to customisation and complexity. Why I chose this app - I have 47 members of staff, all of which offer a variety of services/products in various locations. Therefore, needing a booking platform that'll allow a member of staff to be assigned 'services/products' they are able to offer. As well as 'locations' in which these services/products can be offered... Now, if a staff member has been assigned a service, in a location that takes 'X' amount of time, that member of staff needs to show as unavailable at that time (plus a 15min buffer perhaps)... The last thing any business needs is for that member of staff to be double booked - Hence the need for a booking system that will allow you to set the service/product offering of a staff member, as well as setting the location in which they work. I genuinely haven't found another app offering a solution for this. However, over the last 6 months of the website being live, I'm still getting the same issues reoccurring. These are just some examples - Regularly allows double bookings - You're on you own here, they'll 'fix' it, but it won't last long (lost count of how many times this has happened) No 'locations' saved on appointments - You've got a booking, but where?? Customer remarks - "I can't select any dates from the calendar" "There's no dates to select... Just says no availability" "I can select a date, but then says no times available? I've gone through 10 dates??? Why can I select them if there's no times available???" "I can't checkout, just says you reservation can't be saved?" BTA customer support - "Your customer is using an out of date browser" - Meaning they can double book. So now you need to explain to the customer why you cant fulfil their order. "What device and browser did your customer use to book?" - I don't know? Whilst this might help to resolve the issue, it's not good for business. I've been paying for highest service package, just to be told - "We process tens of thousands of bookings successfully per day, so yes I would say the app is delivering value for the thousands of merchants that use it" I'm constantly having to get in touch to resolve issues, I dread to think how many lost sales there are as not all customers get in touch with us to let us know there's a problem, and just move on. No resolve. Just expected to accept this is what happens. I originally left a 5* review after too shorter timescale to have really had any experience of using the app. After a few months of use, discovering more and more issues and lack of customer service, I then left a poor review. However, retracted it after Alex contacted me looking to resolve my many issues. This review is more accurate, and fair.

Bicycle Services
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 18 gennaio 2021


Thanks for taking the time to leave a review.

With software as a service there may be bugs from time to time as new features are introduced and released. We aim to minimise these and provide a fix as soon as possible. Reviewing your ticket history, it appears that we have addressed your issues as they were identified.

We stand by our product and our service.

The Support Team @ Zetya

26 dicembre 2019

The app is simply put a confusing mess. The language explaining the features is really hard to understand. Whoever planned the logic and user experience behind this app did not do a good job. I got a much more clear and concise feeling from the Webkul Booking app.

Support gave me a boilerplate excuse regarding the customisation of my theme to justify not reading the actual question (they have a special page that is supposed to detail what to do on my theme but it isn't up to date).

The features I care the most about (minimum blocks of time) aren't available.

I originally tried the app because of the impressive reviews. I am now doubting that they are real.

Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 28 giorni
Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 26 dicembre 2019

Hi Rooms Taipei

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review. We appreciate the feedback. We do wish to refute some of the allegations however based on your ticket history and our response.

We offered to help you install the app. You didn't take us up on the offer. We are more than happy to get customers up and running.

The app also supports minimum dates. However you requested a minimum date that varies by season which is not supported.

Our reviews are very much real and we don't appreciate the insinuation that we have fake reviews. We take great pride in our customer service.

If you change your mind and want to give us another try feel free to reach out to our friendly 24x7 support team at any time.

The Support Team @ Zetya

2 novembre 2019

The app builds a calendar and keeps somewhat a decent track of classes but the customer service is not good at all. Every time something goes wrong and we email support, the support team says it is Shopify's fault, not theirs. Thing go haywire alot. Wrong time and dates are sent as customer confirmations, events do not close when sold out. We have never been helped, only told to change the coding in Shopify and to contact Shopify to let them know their coding is wrong.

Body Mind & Soul
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 2 novembre 2019

Hi Mind Body & Soul

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

We took a look at your most recent ticket history and we can see that the last issue you contacted us about was in relation to errors in your Shopify theme. While we can appreciate that it can be confusing for shop owners to determine what functionality is related to Shopify vs the app, we don't feel it's fair for you to give us a two star review when the issue was related to your theme and not the app. While we would love to be able to troubleshoot all errors in a shop, unfortunately our no charge support is limited to functionality related to the app and not general Shopify theme errors. We recommend you hire a developer to help you fix the errors in your theme.

In terms of our service level we feel we have provided excellent service to this shop. We have answered more than 60 support tickets for this shop over the years and provided reliable and timely support. We are sorry that you don't agree.

The Support Team @ Zetya

Data modifica: 28 luglio 2018

App functions well enough but customer support SUCKS. I booked with these guys for 6 months and couldn't take it anymore so I found another solution. Every time I had a problem they would respond with "well that's not included but you can pay us more and we'll fix it" or "our app never did that" when functionality would stop working suddenly. Customer service always treated me like an idiot and refused to help while my customers couldn't pay me for my services because of their app. I was paying these guys $20 a month which is almost as much as the entire website and could never get help. Unfortunately, they have a monopoly on the booking market in regards to Shopify so there aren't many other options. My suggestion would be to use a different web platform if you want to rent products. Shopify isn't built to handle rentals easily. It's constantly a workaround to get things to work.

Gearbox Adventure Rentals
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 22 marzo 2019

Dear Shop Owner

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review.

We are sorry that you think our customer support doesn't deliver as we pride ourselves on great customer service.

We reviewed your ticket history and we see we quoted you on several theme customizations. While we can appreciate that you believe custom work should be included in the monthly app fee, unfortunately that is not a commercial reality as we continually invest our app fees in development time to add new features.

We further see in your ticket history that we fixed a Javascript error caused by another app for free. We feel this is exceptional customer service so we were a bit surprised at your comments regarding our service.

We wish you the best of luck with your business!

Zetya Support

23 marzo 2018

Greetings. I installed this app today (March 23, 2018), and I proceeded to follow the installation steps. Step #2 was straightforward, except that it changed the layout of my current products into a non-aesthetically pleasing layout. Step #3 of the installation required deleting a theme code and installing a new theme code. The issue was that I used ctr+F to locate the exact code they instructed that I delete, and it was not there. This made me COMPLETELY apprehensive to paste the subsequent coded information in. So, I decided to undo the previous installation steps which restored my previous product page layout (THANK GOODNESS), and decided to go with another app. Take Away: Sometimes a penny saved is a not a penny earned. #StayVigilant

The Business Fairy
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 22 marzo 2019

Hi The Business Fairy

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review.

We are sorry you had such a poor user experience. We checked our support desk and didn't find any tickets from you so we wished you would have reached out to us for support :(

You'll be happy to note that we have greatly simplified the install process through the use of a one click install and application widgets.

Good luck with your shop!

The Support Team at Zetya

21 maggio 2014

Our company is an online tour booking company. The app performs as stated per all the previous postings except one major flaw in the coding. This app only verifies the existing inventory when an item(s) are placed in the cart. It does not verify the existing inventory against what has been already placed in the cart and if the customer adds to the cart with the same item the app will allow overbooking of the item or tour beyond the maximum that has been setup in the app.

Try it out on your own product page, enter the maximum number of items you have available to your cart, then add it again and again and again. It will keep adding to the cart and allow the customer to check out. This will cause overbooking of our tours and a customer nightmare. We have brought this to the developers attention and they stated it was not a concern they were willing to address.

I have researched this and spoke with other developers, the calls for the cart items are provided by Shopify and verifying this information would be a simple fix. If you are booking limited quantities with this app be aware of this short coming and the possibility of overbooking.

Imbibe Tours
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Zetya Pty Ltd ha risposto 22 marzo 2019

Dear Shop Owner

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

You'll be happy to note that we have added a second availability check on the cart page that addresses the concerns you raised in your review.

Good luck with your shop!

The Support Team at Zetya