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If you go over your bookings for the month you lose access to EVERYTHING. We have one event this month that pushed us to our limit. I've had this app for over a year and have old pricing. To upgrade I'd have to spend an extra $20/month and wouldn't have the option to downgrade again.
Now that I've hit the limit, the only thing I can see is the upgrade page -- none of our currently appointments that we paid for. I chatted with support and they said I won't have access to anything until the new billing cycle. I asked if I'd be able to just start a new cycle early and they said no. There's also no option to buy extra appointments for the month. They told me the only option is to upgrade.
Hitting my monthly limit and not getting more bookings is fine, but not being able to see the bookings I already paid for in my plan is not acceptable.

BTA Commerce, Inc.が返信しました 2024年3月12日

Hi 👋

Thanks a lot for your feedback! We are sorry to see that you were dissatisfied with your recent interaction with us. We do understand your disappointment, and would like to provide clarity on a few things:

"To upgrade I'd have to spend an extra $20/month and wouldn't have the option to downgrade again."

The plan you were on was a legacy version. The updated plan was increased more than once over the years. Also, you were advised that if you were to upgrade to any of the updated plans, you wouldn't have access back to the "Legacy" plan. If the plan no longer exists, then you wouldn't have an option to get back on that plan.

Another thing to add is that you didn't need to change your plan. You could remain on your "Legacy" plan until the new billing cycle starts and your quota is renewed. If you wanted to resume your bookings, you would need to upgrade your plan. But that would mean you wouldn't have access to the "Legacy" plan anymore. We made sure to point that out.

"Now that I've hit the limit, the only thing I can see is the upgrade page -- none of our currently appointments that we paid for. I chatted with support and they said I won't have access to anything until the new billing cycle. I asked if I'd be able to just start a new cycle early and they said no."

This logic existed but it's the first time you have experienced it since hitting your limit due to the revision of the quota on the "Legacy" plans. The support team had submitted a request to change this logic if possible. This has caught the team's attention, and they will revise the request accordingly.

The billing cycle is renewed every xth day that you subscribed. So, if you subscribed on the 6th of March, then your new billing cycle is on the 6th of April. Asking us to shorten your billing cycle for a month or forcing the start of the next cycle is not possible for us to do. Especially, given that Shopify handles the billing, not us.

"There's also no option to buy extra appointments for the month. They told me the only option is to upgrade."

If the option existed, we would have provided it to you in a heartbeat 🙂. We have this added to our feature request list and we are hoping that it's something that we can implement this year. Until then, the only option there is to renew your quota ASAP is to upgrade.

"Hitting my monthly limit and not getting more bookings is fine, but not being able to see the bookings I already paid for in my plan is not acceptable."

As mentioned earlier, we do hope to change the way that this logic is applied. Until then, you can reach out to the support team for assistance with retrieving your reports or any additional information you may want/need.

We wish to continue giving you nothing but great support! Have a great day!

Best Regards,
Support Team at BookThatApp


Customer service is appalling.

We cancelled our plan the day we were charged for a yearly subscription as we no longer use Shopify as our website platform.

They are refusing to issue any refund at all.

Strike a posie
BTA Commerce, Inc.が返信しました 2024年2月12日

Thanks for taking the time to leave us a review. I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with our support.

Please note that we updated your support ticket yesterday and advised that a full refund had been issued 🙂️
Please reach out to us if you require any further assistance.

The Team at BookThatApp


Waste of time downloading this app. they want you to pay for every little feature that makes the app worth it and its hard to setup i spent hours with a rep trying to set it up so it works correctly and ended up wasting my time after it all. Dont waste your time downloading this app theres way easier ones

BTA Commerce, Inc.が返信しました 2023年9月6日

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear that you feel this way about our app. I'd greatly appreciate it if you could list your pain points with the app and how we could make it better. We would truly appreciate your feedback! Looking forward to hearing from you 🙂.

BookThatApp Support Team


Very poor support. I upload lots of products and bulk import doesn't work and it takes ages.

Passion For Fashion Technologies Pty Ltd
BTA Commerce, Inc.が返信しました 2023年11月8日

Hi there,

We're sorry to hear that you didn't have a positive experience with our app. We've made some changes since your review and have set alerts to make sure that the app is performing at its best. Unfortunately, when you wrote to us, our office was closed as the team was engaged in a work retreat that week, where we were brainstorming on how to address the issues that our customers were experiencing. I can say that since then, we have implemented changes that have been returning positive results.

If you're willing to give us another try, I'll assure you that we are here to provide you with the best support and we can look into that bulk import together. I'd greatly appreciate hearing back from you. Once more I do apologize for the experience you had, and I'm looking forward to make it up to you!

BookThatApp Support


Every time updates are pushed to the app availability for clients becomes unavailable, which means sales lost.

Apex V2R

I don't even know where to start...

We have been using this app for 3 years, and it has been nothing but trouble. The first, and most pervasive problem we have been having with this app is overbooking. It has never honored the capacity that we set. We went over this with customer support for a couple years and the problem was never fixed. When the new "widget" came out, we were told it would solve our problems...

Customer support installed the widget, but they did not check their work. The number of tours changed from 2 a day to 3 a day, and at the wrong times. We came in the next day and there were 180 people overbooked for the morning tour. 180 people.

This might sound great for business, but we had to explain to an angry group, of just south of 200 people, that we could not accommodate all of them due to fire code occupancy regulations. It was a day from hell.

Customer service stepped in and made a much bigger effort (finally) to fix this problem. They did, but we now have a problem where reservations are dublicated, bringing down the total count, and losing us money.

I'm starting to think that this software is poorly written, where one problem begets another. Customer service has been very defensive when we point our issues (red flag), and it is obvious through email, that English is not their first language.

Stay away from this app. We have been spending a lot of time trying to switch to a new booking system but we feel very stuck. Run away.

Edit: I received this email from the developer a few hours after this review:

"Per our terms of service, we do not permit hostile stores to use our App. At this time I would like to notify you that access to BookThatApp will be removed in 24 hours (2019-01-23 15:15:59 +0000 UTC). At that time we will email you a csv file containing your upcoming bookings.

Sorry we were not able to work it out, and good luck with your store.

Thanks, Gavin."

It seems that they retaliate after bad reviews!

Kanaloa Octopus Farm

I used this app for classes and courses booking. However the performance of the app is so slow. Page loading is very slow and takes minutes before a complete a page is loaded. Have reported this but we were repeatedly told it due to some kind of network issue on our side. But, we have no issue loading any other apps or pages.


I have never been impressed with this app but have agreed to use it because my business partner insists on it since fit integrates with Shopify. You can't edit different calendar options for variants of a class. Everything I've needed a booking website to do, this app doesn't do…. Additionally, the enrollment sheet doesn't give numbers and isn't clean and straight forward, AND we have a class that is overbooked because the app kept accepting bookings even when I had a limit set!

BTA Commerce, Inc.が返信しました 2019年3月22日

Dear Shop Owner

Thanks for taking the time to leave a review!

We are sorry that the app didn't have the features you were looking for at the time you were using it. We have since added a ton more features including the ability to schedule by location, book courses and improved reporting.

Good luck with your shop!

The Support Team at Zetya


Not impressed. A small business trying to add income source by adding events to our venue. Not overly tech savor and that is why we picked Shopify, which has been awesome to work with.

This app isn't easy to install - directions say to click one thing but it isn't on the screen. Needed help to just walk you through it but you have to submit a "ticket" and WAIT for someone to contact you back. No way to contact or live chat with customer service.

I am limited on time to install this and get it up and going. Can't wait days to get response or help. Also if I have to hire a tech team to install it as mentioned above from another review....this might be to technical for the average businesses owner.

Papilio Mt Dora

I used this app for my online cooking classes that I’m doing now because of COVID. I’m based in Italy with majority of clients in the US
-their app doesn’t have Zoom integration
-their calendar can’t adapt to the time zone of the person booking the class
-requires a paid installation for the regular person that isn’t comfortable with coding
I’m not using Sesami which is able to offer all of the above that their app doesn’t do, and at a similar price. It’s also aesthetically easier from the perspective of the client booking the class, as well as easier

The reason for the one star is that yes they answer messages when you reach out for help but when they do so are condescending. Their installation produced errors in the Narrative theme I just switched to and they said the errors were due to my changes. To give them the benefit of the doubt, I took the time to install a fresh version of the Narrative theme that was untouched, they installed their app and there were errors in my product pages immediately after their app installation. They claimed it was due to the theme, not their fault and were of course condescending/not very nice or client centric. During these times a lot of us our using Shopify to be able to grow or simply stay afloat to survive with the very little business we are getting. We aren’t programmers and rely on the tech people at these apps to help get our business done. This app should be more understanding of that, and I’d say don’t have the best customer service. I’d advise trying other booking apps before committing to them, and so far I’d say my experience with Sesami has been dramatically different in a positive way.