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Data modifica: 23 marzo 2023

The app does what it says but after the 1 day trial you are charged for a month. You can't switch back to the free version. You have to uninstall the app to avoid a charge. After uninstalling you lose all changes made, so you are basically paying $30 for nothing.

True, it does say one day trial but it does not note the process of switching BACK to the FREE version. You have to uninstall, wait the 48 hr period for data to be deleted/reset and then perhaps reinstall to use the free version. It has the option to choose the free version AFTER upgrading but it never changes back. I selected free version (it says cancel at anytime) after having used the paid version for a only couple of hours and deciding not to keep it. The page refreshes so I assumed that my account was reset back to the free version. I checked my subscriptions a few days later to find out that it does not. The free version should not be an option after upgrading if it does not in fact switch back. To be fair I gave a 3 star rating because it seems that the app works. It is confusing that after upgrading, the free option is available to select.

The Look Locker
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Booster SEO ha risposto 22 marzo 2023

Hi Look Locker,

Thank you for your feedback. We apologize if it was not clear that our app only has a 1-day trial. This is actually indicated on our app's Shopify app store page that the trial is only for 1 day.

Regarding the changes made by our app, yes, like with other SEO apps, most of them will be undone once you uninstall the app, this is because the SEO tags applied by our app are directly injected into your site's source code and not through the Shopify admin(we only have limited access to your Shopify admin). Please note that Image alt texts processed will remain - everything else related to the app will return to its previous state.

If you have any questions or if you need further clarification, feel free to contact us at


30 luglio 2016

just tried it, no review yet,..

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16 giugno 2016

Well its very easy to install, I cant quite comment yet on how effective it is.

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Data modifica: 6 dicembre 2018

Not sure, but I guess you have to leave a review to see the outcome?
Any how, it seems easy to use. Thanks!

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4 marzo 2019

Just installed the app, hard to say anything about it yet, easy to install, hope to get positive results

Unik by Nature
Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
23 giugno 2016

Can't tell if it works yet since it prompts you to leave a review prior to completion of sync.

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2 aprile 2019

Cannot comment on my opinion considering seo image app is not even installed! It seems a bit premature to require a review at this point.

paxton hardware ltd
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28 marzo 2019

There's no way for me to do a proper review since I JUST installed the app. I haven't even set it up properly and am already being asked to review. UGH!

Teacup Cosmetics
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6 dicembre 2018

I want to use the app to improve my SEO but I need to update my review before and I am block in a loop...

Chouchou & Loulou
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28 marzo 2019

Trying to figure it out. I will update once I have had some time to play around with it. Hopefully it works

Fierce Impression Boutique
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Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app