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22. maaliskuu 2024

Negate has been a game changer for our team. The staff here are friendly, and responds nearly 24/7 365. I can tell you that without the Negate team we would be spending a lot more on neg traffic. This team even helped provide custom coding to work around our theme as well as to further aid with the bot traffic volume that we had.

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4. maaliskuu 2024

In a digital era where e-commerce security is crucial, our experience with Negate Bot Protection over the last six months has been a testament to innovation and reliability. Subscribed to their Enterprise Plan, we have fortified our online storefront against malicious bots with advanced features and exceptional service.

**Key Features and Benefits:**

1. **Unlimited API Requests:** A vital aspect of the Enterprise Plan, unlimited API requests per month, has been instrumental in ensuring our website's uninterrupted performance and security, regardless of traffic spikes.

2. **Custom Code On Demand:** The flexibility to receive custom code solutions tailored to our unique needs has significantly enhanced our site's defense mechanisms, allowing us to tackle specific security challenges effectively.

3. **Dedicated Account Manager:** Including a dedicated account manager has streamlined our experience, offering a personalized, knowledgeable, and responsive point of contact for all our security concerns.

4. **Innovative Bot Redirection:** Perhaps the most impressive feature, and a standout in our experience, is the app's ability to redirect bots. This has been crucial in protecting our site's analytics and pixel data. Negate Bot Protection has provided us with accurate, reliable metrics to drive our marketing and sales strategies by ensuring that bots do not skew our traffic and conversion data.

**User Experience and Performance:**

The past six months have significantly improved our website's security posture and overall performance. Negate Bot Protection integrates seamlessly with our Shopify store, offering a user-friendly interface and efficient bot management without hindering the user experience.

**Customer Support and Service:**

The customer support team at Negate Bot Protection, especially our dedicated account manager, has been outstanding. Their quick and personalized approach to service has been a cornerstone of our positive experience with the app.

**Overall Impact on Business:**

Implementing Negate Bot Protection, particularly its bot redirection feature, has profoundly impacted our business. We've observed a marked decrease in malicious bot activity and a significant improvement in the accuracy of our analytics. This has directly contributed to better-informed business decisions, enhanced customer satisfaction, and increased sales.


Negate Bot Protection has redefined how we approach e-commerce security. With its comprehensive features, particularly the innovative bot redirection and exceptional customer service, this app is an indispensable tool for any Shopify store. We highly recommend Negate Bot Protection to businesses seeking a robust, efficient, and user-friendly bot protection solution.

Animals Matter, Inc.
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1. maaliskuu 2024

We had a bot issue and Negate has handled it. Very responsive support

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18. joulukuu 2023

Amazing support. Had an issue and Taylor resolved it in a timely manner. I do see a difference with my traffic when using Negate.

EZ Nails
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29. syyskuu 2023

Ok So first I read the bad review like most people to see what was sooo bad about this app. I then read the dev's response, they mentioned to check out their docs, which I read that. After reading the bad review and the docs from the dev's response I decided to still give this app a try.

I am so glad I did. So for anyone not very tech savvy this is what I did and maybe it will help you.

I added this app to my site b/c I was noticing some bot traffic for sure. After I added it I reached out to support and asked if they would kindly take a look at what I had setup to make sure I had it right. Their customer service is amazing. They were very prompt to answer all my questions and we set up a call today to go over everything just to make sure I had a clear understanding of what was actually going on with my site. They listened to my concerns and explained the different types of bots and what they do and the different ways the bots actually damage your site. I looked up some of this info before the call so I was aware of some of it, but they explained it in depth. They were very thorough and how the Negate app works to help protect my site.

The phone call was extremely informative, helpful and friendly. As I mentioned after doing a lot of research on my own before the call and after the call I am very glad I installed this app to protect my site. If you're getting an influx in traffic that you're not sure of you should really consider this app. I highly recommend it.

BoxWood Board Designs
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22. toukokuu 2023

Taylor is incredibly helpful and truly cares about helping sellers with bot issues. I did not fully understand exactly how the app worked at first, but Taylor took the time to explain everything and then some. The app has helped to make our Shopify Analytics data much more accurate and also protects against bots sent to your web site via Google/Facebook or other paid advertising. The app basically babysits your web site from bots and learns more and more over time. Very happy with the app!

The Speedy Cheetah
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26. kesäkuu 2023

Negate has been a time and money saver for us. As a small company, any attention diverted to blocking bots or nefarious competitors means attention taken away from creating business and revenue. Negate has taken this off our plates in a big way. It's made our Google ad spend tighter, our analytics cleaner and one less thing to worry about.
We found them because one day we had 400 views from Singapore, turns out lots of Shopify stores were experiencing the same thing. My other blocker didn't stop them. Other community forums said just let them read your site. I didn't want that. Signed up for a free trial with Negate and within five minutes, it was gone. We've been big fans ever since.
Highly recommend.
Stephanie & Jonathan

Mayflower Wallpaper
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22. toukokuu 2023

Amazing experience with Taylor with Negate jumping on a call to go over a game plan and adding the custom script to our store to block certain bots from firing events on our pixel and ultimately ruining it. Want to fight back against bots once and forall I highly recommend downloading Negate after using many different apps and VPN blockers that were no use. Taylor actually allows the bots to enter the site but blocks the use of browser code for bots.

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2. kesäkuu 2023

I highly recommend Negate Bot Protection for any Shopify store. The company is very responsive. I reached out to the app developer with questions and they were extremely helpful and informative about the product and how it works. They also provided new updates to further protect our store from bots along with step-by-step instructions. I've been very impressed with their product since installing, and their customer service is top-of-the-line.

Kanguru Solutions
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21. toukokuu 2023

After two months of trying to figure how to stop the surge of bots driving our Shopify Analytics off the charts, and our CRO below 1%, I came across Negate. Klaviyo or Shopify were of no help to protecting us and blew us off. Negate made it possible for us to eliminate the bad bots affecting our analytics and ads.

I can't say enough about Negate and the help Taylor provided us. He is easy to talk to and he cares because this is exactly what happened to him as a merchant.
Taylor took the time to educate me just how things happen and what is necessary to prevent it. Within a day we were back up running things as normal while knowing are ads are also protected.

Thank you, Taylor!

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