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Botlify uses Whatsapp bot to increase customer interactions.

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Botlify Provides Merchants with a way to increase customer-store engagement via Whatsapp Bots.

Installation Information For The merchant

Merchants can install Botlify as they would any other Shopify app from the app store. The app requires certain permissions which are critical to the functioning of the app like viewing store info, product info, discount code info etc. All of this combined helps in a good experience to the customer and thereby increase interaction with the store.

Merchant Dashboard

Botlify Dashboard allows Merchants to toggle the functionality offered by the WhatsApp bot. A merchant can decide when the bot should allow customers to find products and deals associated with the store. The feature is disabled by default. Also, the analytics associated with the search query helps merchants to figure out what kind of products do their customers demand.

Connecting To Whatsapp

When a new customer is added, the contact information is used to send an invite message to the customer, who can then use the interface to interact with the shop

Customer/User Interface

Customers interact with the store using Whatsapp (Depending on the permissions given by the merchant ). A customer can select from various available stores (Which are supported by Botlify) and interact with it. A customer can find products associated with the query and Deals offered by the store, which would help in increasing customer interactions.

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1.0 stelle su 5

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how to use it, do you have a example for us. and there is no setting at all. may be this app just not ready.