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16 maggio 2024

The app integrates seamlessly with Shopify stores, making it easy to import products and automatically create orders, ensuring availability. The process is straightforward and user-friendly, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

However, despite its basic integration, the app has room for improvement. One notable issue is that after importing a product, any new sizes that become available are not automatically added to the product variations. Additionally, the app does not save credit card information, which means orders cannot be placed automatically, requiring manual entry each time.

The product information provided is quite basic and often riddled with mistakes. It is time-consuming to find accurate manufacturer information to build relevant titles and descriptions for each product.

Furthermore, the catalog is not updated consistently, and since the onset of Covid-19, shipping costs have increased by over 500%, making it challenging to remain competitive.

Another drawback is that despite having an account with BrandsDistribution, you cannot place orders directly on their site. Instead, you need to request monthly that they manually add order-edit permissions, which is an inconvenient process.

In summary, while the BrandsDistribution app offers a seamless integration with Shopify and simplifies the import process, there are significant areas for improvement, particularly in updating product variations, saving payment information, and enhancing product data accuracy. The increase in shipping costs and the cumbersome process of requesting order-edit permissions further detract from the overall user experience.

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11 marzo 2023

We used their services for about an year, overall was relatively good experience except several glitches in their BrandsSync app, where all products sync was gone and had to delete all products and import them again, which is too much effort for us.
However out last subsription payment was charged twice!!! We sent many emails and tried to reach out brandssync, without any success!!! We are very disappointed from their services, actually no services at all. Do not recommend, we dont plan to use them anymore!

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13 giugno 2020

They allow only one install on a single domain for a yearly plan - this is not fair ! Just today I noticed this and I'm very disappointed

CD Fashion
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19 aprile 2020

I've been using Brandsdistribution for a few years now and here's an honest assessment of their service and why I've decided to stop working with them.

The Good:

- This is a company based in Italy that offers luxury brands and wholesale prices. The prices are reasonable and the shipping times are as promised.

- The products are all legit and authentic. I had one customer complain about authenticity and Brandsdistribution accepted the refund. I had the product sent to me instead of having it returned to Brandsdistribution so I could see for myself if the complaint was valid. It wasn't.

The Bad:

- While prices are reasonable, once you account for shipping rates, foreign exchange rate fees, advertising expenses, and their premium fee for access to their inventory, you'll quickly find that you can't realistically make much if you try to compete with other sellers that are selling at the rock bottom price possible, sometimes even at a loss from what I can tell.

- They have some shady business practices. When I first started using them things were going well. Then out of nowhere they decided to change everything on a dime and gave everyone couple of months to comply, with the only option being to join a more expensive plan. On top of that they decided to create what they deem "franchises" that removed my top selling brand from my inventory feed. The only way to get that brand back would be to pay them 10k EUR. It would a long time to recover that in sales, and dealing with a foreign company with lackluster communication makes that price point a deal breaker for me. Combine that with the fact that they can decide to change things up on a dime, with very little time to restructure my business, destroys my trust in what they offer.

- They have lackluster communication. You might expect that paying a premium for access to their service would come with good customer service. It's ok at best and email is your only option. There have been times when I would get a response in a day or 2 and times when I would get no response at all.

- It seems their core focus is to sell access to their platform to as many drop-shippers as possible. Ultimately this will devalue every drop-shippers business since their product offerings are limited and the competition is already very high.

- From what I can tell there are a handful of companies selling their products at prices that would be a loss for me even without the added advertising expense. Like me, they are also using Google Shopping, so unless they are terrible at math and not realizing the loss, they have better pricing options available to them. This is of course unfair to the rest of us drop-shippers and makes it so no one else can actually compete.

- They have a terrible return policy. When I say terrible I mean don't even bother dealing with it. Just accept the loss on any returned items. They require customers to pay for shipping. Fine, but getting a return address was a task in itself and the return fee will be much higher than the original shipping rate unless you can convince them to provide a shipping label. Good luck. Once you get past all of that, you don't actually get a refund. You get a credit to your account for a future purchase. And it's up to you to follow up on that return to make sure you get the credit. I'm still waiting on a few credits.

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Data modifica: 2 ottobre 2019

STAY AWAY!!!!! Customer service is terrible! Positive reviews are purchased! They don't reply at all to emails. And they provide absolutely no feedback regarding guarantees, damaged goods... No money back is possible!

Mag Mode
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Brandsdistribution ha risposto 24 settembre 2019

Dear Customer,
We are always on hand to help our customers and we are sorry to hear about your disappointment,
Furthermore, we have check out your previous emails and confirm that you have been briefed on our terms and conditions.

We provide also all the feedback you need on our official website,
you can find out more here:

Therefore, you can clarify your doubts by checking our dropshipping terms:

As regard the first part of your review, we can firmly affirm that customer service team do its best to meet any request within 24-48 hours, during italian business days.

Thanks for your understanding,
Brandsdistribution Team

30 dicembre 2021

0 support!! I am waiting a week to pay for an order and add the express shipping and no one answers!!!
I can't ship the orders I have and causing that losing money.

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19 agosto 2019

The worst customer service ever. They never respond to your inquiries regarding your orders. I had to cancel some orders because they didn't include all the right documentation for customs. I reached out to them over and over again. Never received a response. They don't have a phone number you can call. Only email and a crappy ticketing system.

Want to return an item, it takes days just approve the return. In the Amazon world of fast shipping and returns and excellent customer service, I really don't know how they are surviving.

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Brandsdistribution ha risposto 27 agosto 2019

Dear Zabas,
we are sorry to hear you had a negative experience since all the issues you reported have been solved promptly.
Our customer service team is always at your disposal for any further questions and requests.
Thank you,
Brandsdistribution Team

Data modifica: 2 ottobre 2019

Unfortunately we must change the review after some experience. Customer service is terrible! We got NO reply from customer service regarding product guarantees. Our customers wanted to know how long is a guarantee for a really expensive bag and watch, we sent several emails and tried to communicate via chat, but got no reply. Also the company is very unflexible, they don't try to find compromises. Orders are impossible to cancel even if they weren't sent yet, therefore be careful not to make any mistakes!!! They will also not give you back the money (also if the stuff doesn't fit the customer and you get a return). Once you order your money is gone! Too bad! Also. coupons were offered to leave a good review here. The coupon expired shortly and they "aren't able to create new one". Sorry, but as much as you take care of your clients (who provide for your existence) - the truth must be told!

ALSO: Shopify put Shopify payments on hold for our case as well. I just read below we are not the only ones. Customer service didn't move a finger!

Modna muha
11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
22 luglio 2020

Poor to non-existent support, extremely dissatisfied. For example, our current support ticket was raised 23 days ago via their support channel but still no response or acknowledgement. Disgusted.

Delaney Lane
10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
20 giugno 2023

Comme le commentaire précédent.. je rejoins l'avis des autres utilisateurs et constate les memes problèmes..

Nous avons utilisé leurs services pendant moins d'un an. Plusieurs problèmes dans l'application BrandsSync, la synchronisation et le fait de bug concernant l'import de produit. Contact uniquement par email aucun conseillé au téléphone pour régler des soucis liés a leur application.

Attention : Lors du désabonnement de cette application, catastrophe le dernier paiement d'abonnement a été facturé deux fois bien volontairement de leur part (déjà arrivé a d'autres utilisateurs apparement) !!! Apres relance et explication pour bien justifié le problème et l'envoi de nombreux e-mails explicatif avec Shopify, sans succès il campe sur leur position, très peu professionnel lamentable !!!

Nous sommes très déçus de leurs traitement, de leur service relationnel non humain. Je ne recommande donc pas cette application perte de temps et d'argent.......
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