Bulk Account Invite Sender

Bulk Account Invite Sender

作成: Matt Loszak

Easily bulk-invite your customers to activate their accounts

Invite everyone in one click

Invite all uninvited customers, or send invites to a select group of people with tags. Perfect if you've just migrated to Shopify.

Easy, clean templates

Use the existing Shopify Account Invite Template. Or, write custom HTML to match your brand! With full support for variables.

Auto-invite new customers

Automatically invite new customers on an ongoing basis to activate their accounts, as soon as they provide their email.

Bulk Account Invite Senderの詳細情報


An easy, two-click tool to send bulk email-invites to your customers.

Most commonly, these are customers who you've imported into Shopify, and who haven't yet activated their accounts.

When you first open the app, it will sync the email and account status information from your account. Then, you'll be able to customize the subject line and body of the email, using your existing Shopify Account Invite template. You can also plug in full HTML, with variables!

Once you've tested and are happy with your email, you'll be able to send it out in just one click, to all your customers with disabled accounts, or just a subset based on tag.

More Info

The email includes a link for the customer to click to easily set up their account on your store with Shopify.

You can choose to send a small batch of invites, target by the Shopify 'Tags' field, or just invite all outstanding customers at once.

Note: Once invited, customer state will change from 'disabled' to 'invited'. Once your customer accepts the email invitation, their state will change to 'enabled'.

Also note: You can send emails from your own domain, and often it helps to add Shopify.com to your domain settings to maximize deliverability, if you haven't already. You can read more about that in Shopify's Help Centre!

Additional Features

The app also includes a feature to allow you to set up automatic ongoing invites, to send an activation email to customers as they come in. This will allow you to stay on top of sending invites to customers automatically, making life far easier for your team.





Price ranges: $1 (20 emails), to $50 (10,000 emails), etc.

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The Cheese Chopper

Working great! We have some back orders and really nice to be able to give customers' the ability to update their orders on their own. Matt is also super responsive. Great app


Useful app.... but what i can see today is that i paid for bulk invitation, and at least 30% of my customer never received the email... that's a shame...



Hi Petdesign, we can certainly help you with that! We'll email you directly and ensure it's resolved.

Calm Classroom

Very helpful app to allow us to create a membership-based content area of our site. Well worth the money. The customer support has far exceeded my expectations, with prompt, personal and intelligent responses.