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Bewerkt 30 januari 2023

Update: The Merchant Ai team have been hard at work and have updated this app to be even better again, including the suggestions below, & I must say it is truly becoming a power app, that is SIMPLE, not needing to be part of some expensive suite & does exactly what it says it does. Definitely worth the subscription cost!

So far the only app I have found that will actually bulk cancel orders without too much pain! This is a great app if you have ever been hit with spam orders or the like.
It really only needs a ux/ui polish, the ability to select a page at a time & ability to search via customer name. If those things happen you wouldn't need another app to bulk cancel orders!

Kristen Lonie Swimwear
22 dagen gebruiken de app
Merchant Ai heeft geantwoord 23 januari 2023

Thank you so much for your kind review! We have added the changes you suggested and really look forward to hearing how you find them. Thanks again :)