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2 oktober 2023

It's intuitive and works well. However, I wish there was a way to add more codes to an existing code set or to duplicate the discount to create more codes.

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6 januari 2020

This app is very useful and my team has used it for many campaigns. Unfortunately it glitches about 50% of the time I use it-- it tends to stop working during the final stretch of code creation and can sometimes take up to a full day or longer to begin working again or stop creating the codes altogether and then I will have to pay to create another bulk list of codes to close the gap on the unfinished discounts that were never created as intended at the start. When I've reached out to their team for support, they say I just have to wait. So I would factor in a 2-3day buffer window if you need to use this to allot for error.

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8 november 2017

better when it was free blah blah blah

Triggertech 2
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17 oktober 2017

I liked the old program. It worked great. Looking forward to your new and improved addition once I figure it out.

Sunrise Delight
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7 november 2017

This app is wonderful. It forced me to write a review but it works like it should. Go try it your self.

Wild Child Bikes
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25 januari 2018

Hoping for an app which could bulk generate a different coupon for each day. This was unable to do so.

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21 november 2017

again or recommend it to a friend

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21 februari 2019

Not sure how this is any different than Shopify's Discount program. It looked identacle to Shopify's discount options.

The Painted Heirloom
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