Fulfilly ‑ Bulk fulfill App

Fulfilly ‑ Bulk fulfill App

作成: UpperCommerce

Mass/bulk fulfill orders via Excel/csv

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Time saving

Stop wasting time on fulfill orders one by one.

Fulfill from CSV

Fulfill orders in bulk via CSV/Excel file with tracking numbers

Easy to use

With just a few clicks. BulkFulfill returns you 100% accurate results as expected.

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Fulfilly allows you to import tracking numbers through a CSV/Excel file. No need to waste time to add those info one by one.

Bulk fulfill orders in seconds

All you need is to upload a file with tracking numbers, you can also update this info at any time. The shipping email will be sent automatically when you fulfill the orders.

Confirmation page

You can recheck the fulfillment progress before it happens. So we can return you 100% accurate results as expected.

Fulfill line items

If you have order with different SKU, you can also fulfill them by adding the SKU and quantity of the item to the file.

Bulk add tracking URL to the file

If you are using our another order tracking app Parcelpanel, you can just add =CONCATENATE("Yourstore.com/apps/parcelpanel?nums=",C2) to the "tracking URL" column. It also works if you are using 17track/trackingmore/AfterShip URL as the tracking URL.

How to use

Just follow the following simple steps.

  • Download a sample file
  • Upload the file with the order information(tracking number, tracking URL, etc.).
  • Confirm the updating fulfillment information
  • Fulfill!

More features to come

We will add more features as we go along, let us know your problems so we can improve this app.



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  • Bulkfulfill@uppercommerce.com



3.8 5つ星

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This app is amazing, Best support ever! Very fast and professional help! The App works fine. !!!!!!!!


Does what it's supposed to do quickly and easily. One minor issue which was quickly fixed. Good communication.


Worst fulfillment I literally have ever seen. They don't even have the correct headers available to select from? Are you serious how did this even make it to the app store wtf. STAY AWAY FROM THIS APP.



Hi, I am sorry for bringing you a bad experience with our APP. As to your questions, I guess you may not understand our APP well. We are an order fulfill APP, after you upload a file with unfulfilled orders, we will mark those order as fulfilled.
This app is a completely free app, we do not expect to make money through this APP and we made it just because many users need to bulk fulfill orders, and they may also try our other apps.