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1 maart 2023

Awesome! :) there are tiny transaction fees but all good and as simple and fair as it gets! thank you for making this!

App gebruikt gedurende 22 dagen
14 februari 2023

The best free app for bulk fulfillment, easy to use.
Just upload the csv file and click the button, done! Cooooool!

Hongkong SAR van China
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een maand
27 januari 2023

very good app!! thankyou so much. Enjoy your business with best support fulfill. Really simple and effective app for update the tracking numbers.

App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan een jaar
27 januari 2023

The best app ever! Since we deal with large amount of orders, we cannot operate Shopify without this app. Thanks!

XEXYMIX 日本公式オンラインショップ
App gebruikt gedurende 11 dagen
25 januari 2023

Just an amazing app. So easy to use!

Thank you for making this app and saving us boatloads of time.
We'll happily pay you guys a bunch of coffees!

App gebruikt gedurende 9 dagen
20 januari 2023

Took a bit of twiddling to figure out but it works seamlessly now! Thank you so much for keeping this free!

App gebruikt gedurende 3 dagen
18 januari 2023

Very useful app as of now no glitches and works completely fine.
Highly recomended for bulk shippers

Zivara Fashion
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan een jaar
31 december 2022

Simple and straightforward app for fulfilling orders in bulk. Keep up the good work! Highly recommended!

The Little Muslim Shop
App gebruikt gedurende 6 dagen
27 december 2022

Very useful app for fulfilling orders in bulk. Simple, handy and gets the job done.
Highly recommend!

Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer een jaar
22 december 2022

Super handy tool. It works well and is extremely easy to use. Great UI as well. Thank you for helping us.

Verenigde Staten
App gebruikt gedurende 3 minuten