NoIndexify ‑ Sitemap Manager

NoIndexify ‑ Sitemap Manager

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NoFollow & NoIndex Meta Tag to hide duplicate content

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Easy to Use

Install the app simply by one click and use it conveniently without the need of coding!

Control the NoIndex tags

Easily manage the NoFollow/NoIndex status of your products list, collections list, pages list, or the entire website in one click!

Excellent Support

Get fast and friendly support if you encounter any difficulty while installing or using it!

Su NoIndexify ‑ Sitemap Manager

NoIndexify ‑ Sitemap Manager is a modern, useful and efficient tool that helps you manage your Shopify store sitemap and gain control over NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags.

Why You Should Use This App?

The sitemap is a very important file that lists the valuable pages within your website and helps search engines find, index, and crawl the content of your website. In Shopify, a sitemap.xml file is generated automatically for all the stores and it contains links to all of your products, product images, pages, collections, and blog posts.

If you have multiple versions for a specific page on your Shopify store, then there is a great possibility of facing content replication problems. Hence, you must ensure that your store's rating doesn't drop.

Well, with the help of this app, you can prevent the risk of having replicated content issues in your store. That way, you will be able to decrease the risk of getting blacklisted by search engines while also making it easier for people to find your store on the internet.

If you apply NoIndex tags, you can direct the search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and prevent them from crawling and indexing certain pages/content on your website.

This amazing app named NoIndexify has made the task of managing your Shopify store sitemap a lot easier as it enables you to select particular pages, products, collections, blogs in your store within a few clicks to guide the search engines not to crawl and index them without touching any code.


From the settings panel, you will have the ability to manage NoFollow, NoIndex meta tags for various pages or sections within your Shopify store.

By tweaking the bulk settings, you can manage NoFollow/NoIndex tags for the entire website or individual webpages (e.g. pagination, search results, login, register, cart page, out-of-stock pages, etc.). You can do everything within a few clicks just by ticking the checkboxes.

There are also different settings for product lists, collection lists, blog lists, etc. by which you can manage the NoIndex/NoFollow/Index status of these lists.

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