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15 aprile 2024

Excellent app. I use it for easily editing weights, prices, stock locations, and much more. I must admit my initial plan was to do a couple of edits and then stop the subscription, but it's just too useful and I've found I need it at least a few times each month so it's now part of my regular suite of apps.

The Christian Poster Company
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5 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
14 marzo 2024

This app is a lifesaver and though I don't use it all the time and pay for it, it is always there when I need it and when I need it I NEED IT!! So easy to use and reliable!

Tiny Frock Shop
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Oltre 4 anni di utilizzo dell’app
24 gennaio 2024

Thanks to this amazing app, I have saved countless hours. This app allows you to edit anything and everything with ease, and I have never encountered any problems while using it. I would highly recommend this app to anyone seeking to streamline their work process.

Pure Modest Apparel
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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
21 marzo 2024

Life saver. Love this app. It's saved us so much time on bulk editing products in our store. Highly recommended.

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Oltre un anno di utilizzo dell’app
27 febbraio 2024

One of the best apps on shopify store. Alot quicker than shopify imports and exports and comes with undo options, previews and scheduled edits.

colette by colette hayman
Quasi 7 anni di utilizzo dell’app
7 gennaio 2024

I have been using the app fro quite a while now and very happy with it. easy to use and does the job. One thing that adds to the experience is the fantastic customer service! Very quick response and always super helpful! 5 stars from me!

Olivier's Lounge
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Oltre 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
11 aprile 2024

Easy to use and fast to upload / download. We are using it more anr more everyday.

Global Baby
Nuova Zelanda
Circa un anno di utilizzo dell’app
11 marzo 2024

Absolutely love this app. It has been a big time saver making product edits.

883 Police
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10 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
18 marzo 2024

Are you struggling with dropbox images to match your products in shopify without errors. This is definitely the app to do this. I use two products to add new products and sync, but i must say Ablestar is the only one that can actually add products with dropbox urls. Lets say its saved me months of work, before I knew about this app i manually added over 1000 product images. I had another 1400 products images to update, this app did it in a few hours. Support is fast and provides resolution to common/complex issues. Overall great product/team.

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3 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
31 gennaio 2024

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor has quickly become one of the most useful apps for our business. It's phenomenal for managing larger product catalogs, w/ both its in-app editor and enhanced csv import/export options. After using it for a few short weeks, it's almost impossible to imagine going back to life before it. Their support is top-notch, too.

Almanac Planting Co
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2 mesi di utilizzo dell’app