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The app is VERY backwards. In almost every setting. Doing x lands you the opposite results you’d expect. While the app itself is good. The features are not intuitive.

Also. Clicking on subscribe. Let’s just say THERE IS NO WAY TO UNSUBSCRIBE. AND I HAVE SENT THE SUPPORT TEAM EMAIL EXPRESSING I DID NOT WANT AUTO RENEW TO PLEASE TURN IT OFF. they will answer my user questions but just ignore my requests to turn off auto renew. Now reaching out to SHOPIFY to have them address this as I did not want nor agree to auto renew. I did agree to pay for a month. But I didn’t expect to not be able to turn off the billing for the following month. I mean. What if I decide I don’t like it. And would like to use a different program. It feels almost shady? I strongly advise you select another app unless you don’t mind being locked into your subscription. I’m still not even sure I can cancel renewal.

Pebbles Fleece Goodies
Ablestarが返信しました 2021年7月26日


I wanted to address the unsubscribe issue as other merchants are seeing this review and thinking that somehow we're not allowing people to cancel their subscription, this is definitely not the case.

Like other apps that do their billing through Shopify you can always unsubscribe by uninstalling the app. We also have a free plan that you can downgrade to at any time through the settings section of our app. We replied to your question about billing with this information less than three hours after you sent it.

Additionally, we have a 30(+) day money-back guarantee and will unconditionally refund merchants if they want. We do this regularly for merchants who forgot to cancel their subscription, are closing their store, or decided the app wasn't a good fit for them.

Regarding the 'backwards' aspects of the app, we're sorry about the confusion with the 'price' and 'compare price' fields and how Shopify allows a 'compare price' to be lower than the 'price'. As we discussed by email we updated some of the labels in the app shortly after this review was written to make things more clear.

Daniel and the rest of the team at Ablestar


Does not work correctly. 1. can not find collections when using their filter system 2. Choose to change the price on 22 items and said it did but really only changed half. (have screen shot video) Don't use it often so didn't know about how glitchy and bad it was until now. Do not recommend wound up just doing it all manually. Waste of time and waste of money.

Redneck Nation