Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

提供者:Ablestar LLC

Bulk edit products, prices, metafields, Google Shopping & more

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Save Hours of Work

Dynamically edit prices, descriptions, tags, inventory levels, metafields, Google Shopping fields & more with smart rules and placeholders

Full Control Over Edits

Preview the results of your edit in real time. Schedule, cancel, clone or undo any edit.

Do More With Spreadsheets

Export just the product fields you need to a spreadsheet. Upload spreadsheets to the app to modify your products

关于 Ablestar Bulk Product Editor

Are you tired of spending hours managing your products in Shopify? This app is for you.

We know running an eCommerce store takes lots of time and the last thing you want is to have to update your products by hand in the Shopify admin. A simple change like "add a tag to all products under $15" can take hours depending on the number of products.

This is where our app comes in.

Instead of manually editing your products this app offers four ways to save you hours of work:

  • You can filter for products you want to edit and then modify them in one go
  • You can upload a spreadsheet with just the values you want changed
  • You can set up recurring edits to run at fixed intervals
  • You can create products from a spreadsheet or export product fields to a spreadsheet

Our app will then process the products for you, allowing you to reclaim precious time in your day

What can the app do?

Here's just a sample of some of the things you can do:

  • Update prices (including rounding cents, and adjusting the compare price)
  • Add/remove tags and products to collections
  • Search/replace in product descriptions and titles
  • Upload a CSV or Excel to keep prices or stock levels in sync
  • Set visibility for Shopify POS or the Online Store Sales Channel
  • Update product vendor, type, weight and much more
  • Mass update Google Shopping fields
  • Delete all products that don't have images
  • Create products from a CSV

Scheduling Edits - Great for managing sales

You can schedule any edit to run in the future and, optionally, revert the edit after a specified time. This is a great way to manage temporary changes to your products, like when you're having a sale.

Sorting Variants

Are your variants out of order? Use our app to reorder variants automatically by size, alphabetically or your custom order.

Recurring Edits

You can create recurring edits that modify a set of products to run at a fixed interval. This is great for situations you want to make sure that all newly-imported products have the correct tags or vendor.

Faster Inventory Level Edits

The Advanced and Professional plans includes changing inventory levels over 10x faster than other apps. Gone are the days where you're limited to updating 2 products per second.

App Support

If you have any questions while using the app you can check out our list of Frequently Asked Questions (a link is on the right) .We also offer email support and we reply to all inquiries within one business day (but usually faster).

Positive Reviews

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Free Starter


  • Edit over 30 product fields and attributes
  • 5 free edits every 30 days
  • Export or create up to 100 products at a time



  • Unlimited Edits per Month
  • Unlimited Product Export/Import
  • 2 Concurrent Edits



  • Scheduled Edits
  • 10x Faster Inventory Level Edits
  • 5 Concurrent Edits
  • Variant Sorting



  • Recurring Edits
  • 20 Concurrent Edits
  • All Advanced Features

* 所有费用均以USD结算。
** 经常性费用(包括每月费用或基于使用情况的费用)每 30 天收取一次。

4.9 评分


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Boutique La Bourse aux Livres

Nice first use! We have many references and it's hard to find one app not charging us the moon to update listings.


The free version is limited to 5 price changes per month, which is enough for me. It is user friendly and has many features, such as being able to see the amount of the price change before deciding.

The Drag Queen Closet

Great app. It saves a lot of time when doing bulk edit price or other edits, which are impossible with Shopify's bulk edit option. Free version is enough in my case.