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Data modifica: 16 maggio 2024


If we could give 0 stars, we would.

They charge you based on your TOTAL orders and hide this detail behind an asterisk.

It also does not sync cost data from your individual items in the bundle.

No thanks, Bundle Kit. FREE should be FREE until you exceed BUNDLE orders, not TOTAL orders.

EDIT: You can find the asterisk on the PRICING PAGE.

ACQUIRE and Company
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Big Brain Commerce ha risposto 14 maggio 2024

Hi Susan, sincere apologies for the experience. We have reached out in hopes to improve your experience. Please reply to our email when you have time, thanks.

27 settembre 2021

Only Email Support...no replies to help questions so far. Will update this review after I hear from them.

Etherton Hardwoods™
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Big Brain Commerce ha risposto 28 settembre 2021

Hi Rob, thank you for the feedback.

We have replied to your emails within 24 hours. Would you please update this review?

Or could you please get back to us if you have any other questions? We'll be here to help!

25 gennaio 2023

The app ruined my theme settings. After I added the bundle kit the prices for all my products didn't work, the language was changed, and special programmed settings was removed. I have used a lot of hours to back up my store to the original... :(

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Big Brain Commerce ha risposto 25 gennaio 2023

Thanks for your review - but our app cannot affect your theme settings because Bundle Kit does not inject any HTML/CSS/JavaScript/Liquid code to the storefront (which is why we have the "Speed tested - No impact to your online store" app listing highlight badge). Please kindly get back to us so that we can help clear any misunderstanding.

18 novembre 2021

cada vez que creo packs, pasado 1 hora se borra todo... lo intente 2 veces con mas de 10 packs y es una perdida de tiempo, se vuelven a borrar ocurre un error en la app...

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Big Brain Commerce ha risposto 20 maggio 2022


Gracias por los comentarios y sinceras disculpas por las molestias.

Póngase en contacto con nosotros para que podamos resolver esto por usted.

6 febbraio 2023

Installed then uninstalled, they charge When you have 50orders, per order, even if a bundle wasn’t purchased

Chè Lux Boutique
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Big Brain Commerce ha risposto 8 febbraio 2023

Thanks for your review - yes, our app tracks all orders (and product updates) to compute the correct bundle inventory/price/weight in real-time. When the bundle is ordered, the app automatically deducts the inventories of the bundle items. Similarly, when a bundle item is ordered outside the bundle, the app automatically deducts the bundle inventory. Kindly note that the app is free if your store has less than 50 total orders / month, and that the pricing plan resets every month therefore you are not locked into a particular pricing plan (e.g. during slow months). If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know.