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23 de outubro de 2021

Simple and straightforward app that works. The support team is super helpful – responded quickly and provided lots of tips and advice!

Bloody Goodshop
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Big Brain Commerce deixou uma resposta 23 de outubro de 2021

Thank you for the kind review :) We always try our best to help!

16 de agosto de 2021

We had been looking for an app that offered easy bundles and kit support, as we offer a large range of kits on our store. This app has been working perfectly for our needs. Customer support is fast and efficient. Would definitely recommend to anyone trying to build kits and packages.

Trundles Automotive
Nova Zelândia
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Big Brain Commerce deixou uma resposta 17 de agosto de 2021

Thanks for your review! It's really awesome to see Bundle Kit being heavily utilized by your store.

14 de setembro de 2021

Big thanks to Bundle Kit for helping offer products the way I needed them. I couldn't find another "bundling" app that would allow me to pull inventory from two variant items and also offer those two variants to be sold in a pair. But I was able to get in done with this app which was a HUGE lifesaver. The support was great at getting back to me quickly and provided helpful resolutions as I was setting everything up for my store. Lastly, I looked at quite a few different apps, and in my opinion, Bundle Kit has some of the best pricing, especially for my needs. I absolutely recommend giving this app a try and see if it works for you. It worked great for me!

Estados Unidos
21 dias usando o app
Big Brain Commerce deixou uma resposta 15 de setembro de 2021

Thank you for the awesome review :) I'm glad we were able to help!

1 de novembro de 2022

I use this app to handle my inventory for my gift boxes, it is so simple compared to many other apps. And the support is amazing. Thanks Ian for assisting me!

África do Sul
11 dias usando o app
14 de outubro de 2021

I searched and looked into many I to see what would work for my premade product gift boxes. This app was so easy to use and has made life easy with helping customers purchase gift boxes and sync with my current stock so I don't need to worry about offering a product that is sold out. Ian was really helpful with any of my questions. I would defiantly recommend if you are grouping products together and want to make sure you are not selling stock not available or having to keep checking stock levels if you don't have this app.

Petite Co au
11 dias usando o app
Big Brain Commerce deixou uma resposta 14 de outubro de 2021

Thank you for recommending our app! Always happy to help :)

9 de julho de 2021

I used this app to create products for my gift basket and other gift items that I am bundling. I like that I could choose whether to display as a fixed price that I create myself or to display as a sales price. In all of the other apps I tested, I had to display a compare at or save at price or discount, which I did not want for these gift basket items. This is working out perfectly for my needs. The seller was also a pleasure to work with...answered all questions and concerns promptly. Thank You.

Beauty By Francesca
Estados Unidos
10 dias usando o app
Big Brain Commerce deixou uma resposta 10 de julho de 2021

Thank you for clarifying your use case and allowing us to update the app to meet your needs. And thanks for taking the time to write this review! 😊

9 de maio de 2022

I’m really pleased with how this app has helped me to manage inventory levels across products that can be sold either as separates or as part of a set. Highly recommended!

10 dias usando o app
1 de março de 2022

If you need to have your bundle SKUs separated into individual ones so they can be processed separately, this is the app to go. They have better pricing and unlimited bundle options so we can test any kind of bundle we want without worrying of having to spend too much. That plus their customer service really helped me when I wanted to freely change my bundle pricing code at the back end. They were very accommodating and got my request processed in no time.

Emma Sleep US
Estados Unidos
8 dias usando o app
24 de outubro de 2022

Bundle Kit er nem at installere, nem og intuitiv at bruge, den virker! Hvad kan man sige mere? Vi er glade!!

7 dias usando o app
14 de setembro de 2022

Super easy to use, does exactly what i need it to do! All of this and still on the free version! Recommended.

lamark UAE
Emirados Árabes Unidos
5 dias usando o app