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Data modifica: 31 gennaio 2023

Using this app right now for bundling products on my Shopify site, The service was really quick and personal. Fixed my small problem right away, without any problems. The chat function in the app works great, did not need to wait long before they came up with the correct answer to my question, and helped me with some other suggestions to make the bundles work better.

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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 23 novembre 2022

Thank you very much for your rating 🤗 Our team is just a message away and always happy to assist you 💪

21 settembre 2022

Very good application for selling bundles or combo products. I spent considerable time researching suitable apps and this one came out on top by a long way. The styling and overall interface is intuitive and their support is superb (usually within the hour). Since installing the app there have been a number of positive updates (good to see) and their team reach out to our team on a regular basis with tips, suggestions and to canvas our thoughts on new features. Whilst there is a cost associated with each purchase, it is quickly offset by the sheer volume of bundled orders each month. I think it is incredibly good value for money and would not hesitate to recommend.

Tractor Ted
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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 27 settembre 2022

Thanks for the awesome review! We work hard to meet expectations like yours, and we're happy to hear we hit the mark for you 😎

14 marzo 2023

Outstanding support! We had some problems integrating some of the features and widgets into our theme but so far they have implemented all necessary changes for us very quickly and were always there to help.
We've been trying out a number of different bundle apps already but I can definitely recommend this one, if you are looking for a solution to break down your bundles into single products for better inventory tracking and analytics in the back-end.

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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 30 marzo 2023

We are so happy to read your kind words! Thank you!

27 aprile 2023

Amazing app and great to work with! I tested out 6 other bundle apps, before I went with MBC. I have a very custom shop and needed an app that would allow me to set up volume discounts, bundle products with multiple variants both on the product page and in the cart. It's extremely easy to use and easy to customize. They also have amazing customer service. They respond almost immediately and are happy to make further customizations based on your needs. Truly the best app of its kind.

Valentich Goods
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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 28 aprile 2023

Thank you for the incredible review and for your trust! 🤩💚

3 aprile 2023

I am very pleased with MBC Bundles! Very easy to set up and very user friendly. I don't have to read through length instructions to figure out how it works, which saves me a ton of time. Also, the developers are very eager to help and are open to updates when needed. The app is affordable and works wonderfully for my sales team when they are drafting quotes for our customers. It's an ideal solution for estimating with templates in Shopify. I just use the bundle as a package template then my sales team can modify the order after it's drafted! I have searched long and hard for an app like this. Highly recommend!

Trail Sprayer & Service
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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 13 aprile 2023

Thank you so much for the 5-star review! We are thrilled to hear that you are enjoying our product/service and appreciate your feedback! 😊

16 agosto 2023

I can not speak highly enough of MBC Bundle Products and their customer service team. Our company has been searching for a solution to our product bundles for months. We had specific needs for how bundles needed to be processed and presented in the cart in order to work with our ERP. Out of the box MBC did the majority of what we needed. For the other features we needed, I was easily able to reach out to their support team and they made customizations to meet my needs. They are very quick to respond to messages and questions and are some of the nicest people you will meet.

Thank you MBC team, you are amazing people!

Boxo USA
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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 17 agosto 2023

We're so glad you're happy with MBC Bundle Products and our support team! 💚 We worked hard to meet your needs and it's awesome to hear we hit the mark. If you ever need anything else, just give us a shout. Thanks for being part of the MBC family! 🎉

27 febbraio 2023

I just download the app to create a bundle and add a promo code at the end. I was facing some issue and the team resolve it in a few minutes. They are really efficient and professional. I lost all day searching for a solution with different apps and this one really made my day ! They personalize the support and try to give a solution in a short time. I recommend !

Three Hugs - Puériculture, Mode et Accessoires de bébé
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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 3 marzo 2023

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us a 5 star rating - it's much appreciated!

Data modifica: 23 gennaio 2023

We have been so happy with MBC Bundles! They have the best customer service and are always available to help and resolve any issues right away. We have seen our revenue improve since using this app! The bundles are easy to put together and customize for our needs. We highly recommend this app!

Student Nurse Planner
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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 25 gennaio 2023

Thanks again for being a loyal customer and writing this awesome review!

31 gennaio 2023

Have recently installed the app and had to reach out to customer support for a bit of help as I didn't understand something. Anna reached out and was very helpful. She explained everything to me in a very simplified way and has kept in constant touch. The app looks very good on our store and we had an order created through it on the second day. So far, so good!

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Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 1 febbraio 2023

Thank you very much for such kind words! 🥰 You can always contact us, we are always happy to help 😊

17 luglio 2023

The app fits our needs. It comes with lots of features to create different types of bundles.
We missed a way to place the bundle in the preferred, very specific area of the products page. So we contacted the support, which responded and helped instantly by providing customization within our theme.

21 giorni di utilizzo dell’app
Capital Apps OÜ ha risposto 18 luglio 2023

Thank you for your kind words! We're glad you're happy with our product/service 🙏🥰