Valar Digital ‑ Bundle King

Valar Digital ‑ Bundle King

da Valar Digital

Easy and accurate fulfilment when selling bundles online!

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Improve packing/shipping time and accuracy with our automated software solution. With Bundle Shipper "BUNDLE1" becomes "1xSKUa+1xSKUb+1xSKUc


Based on sales of any bundle in the app, Shopify Bundle Shipper will automatically sync the inventory of the individual items

Edit Orders & bundle contents

Bundle Shipper allows you to edit orders and bundles AFTER an order has been placed on your store and received

Su Valar Digital ‑ Bundle King

The Bundle King solves the whole bundling workflow problems:

  • Ability to create bundles from your existing products

Solution: The Bundle King app let's you create bundles from your existing Shopify products in two simple steps.

  • sync products from your store ( gets auto synced every 2 hours )
  • Create a new product in Shopify store and mark it as bundle in the Bundle King app.

  • Automatically sync inventory whilst selling bundles. Solution - Bundle King, lets you automatically reduce the inventory for each component that exist in your bundle.

  • Edit orders in single step, to attach the bundle information passed to your fulfilment centre.

You can select Order > Edit Order. This would pick the bundle breakdown and amend it with Shopify using line item properties.

Breakdown bundles into individual components for easy & correct packing


  • Automatically split out bundles for CORRECT packing e.g. "BUNDLE1" becomes "1xSKUa+1xSKUb+1xSKUc" for your packers to complete
  • UNLIMITED bundles available (clients include Shopify stores doing over $75k sales per day!!)
  • Sync Shopify Products within the app for QUICK & EASY set up
  • Create NEW bundles with breakdowns in real time
  • SEAMLESS communication between you and your packers
  • Easily edit bundles in REAL TIME
  • Automatically sync your bundles through Shopify Products
  • Automatically sync individual Product stock within Shopify
  • EDIT orders or bundles AFTER order received
  • Create bundles from Draft Orders WITHOUT Shopify Plus!


  • SAVE time explaining new bundles or packing processes to packers
  • SAVE your packers time and effort remembering bundle contents
  • ELIMINATE mistakes arising from incorrectly packed bundles
  • SAVE manual work adjusting stock against bundle sales
  • Quickly EXPERIMENT and test new bundles with no packing errors
  • IMPROVE packing efficiency immediately
  • Improve fulfilment SPEED and ACCURACY
  • Easily ship CUSTOMER SERVICE replacement orders containing bundles
  • STREAMLINE customer service and packing communication
  • Improve customer HAPPINESS and RETENTION with better service and reduced packing errors

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