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27 april 2024

We were looking forward to using this but unfortunately became quite disappointed by the lack of customisable options; specifically with regards to layout. We hope the application receives further development.

Verenigd Koninkrijk
33 minuten gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 2 mei 2024

We have sent you an email asking for details about how you want to customize the widget and are looking forward to your reply :)

If anyone else is reading this, we are always more than happy to customize the widget for merchants. If you have any request, simply send us an email to and our team will help you out :)

Bundler app team

30 januari 2024

Pretty bare minimum in terms of functionality. Allows you to build the bundles effectively, creating any sort of attractive looking page is a non-starter.

Verenigde Staten
Ongeveer een jaar gebruiken de app
11 januari 2024

Realmente quisiera saber si hay una opción para que todo lo que salga se trabaje en español porfavor y tutoriales en español de cada opcion de bundle

Estudio Emma
2 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 11 november 2020

Just started but so far really easy and quick to use, and the design is both clear and classy! Good job!

LNOC Store
Ongeveer 2 jaar gebruiken de app
23 november 2019

The functionality is decent, but I'd like more control over the visuals. Also for some reason I can't re-order the products in my bundle. Still, at the end of the day this is the app I chose.

Manitobah Mukluks
Bijna 2 jaar gebruiken de app
21 december 2020

easy to use and a great way to make money. ive made 1000s of extra dollars with this app because i can rais the AOV very easy

Verenigd Koninkrijk
5 maanden gebruiken de app
Bewerkt 23 april 2021

good was very userfriendly, I would tell a friend and keep using it, plus I would send the link to my clients

Renew’d Wholesome Goods
Verenigde Staten
5 maanden gebruiken de app
18 juli 2022

This app does what I need it to do in terms of making bundles deals. I like it. I knocked off two stars because of the difficulty in reaching customer service. There is no chat option and in the help center there is a paragraph that dissuades you from reaching out via email, they prefer for you to use the help documents only. If/when they add a customer service chat for the merchants, I would give it a 4 or 5 star rating.

Hour X Hour Bath Co
Verenigde Staten
5 maanden gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 19 juli 2022

Thank you for your review. You can always send us an email to for any question you might have.
We have experts in our support team, who strive to give you as detailed technical answers as they can. The frequently asked section in the app is there to allow merchants to instantly find an answer to their question, as we are constantly updating our frequently asked questions.
Thank you for this great idea for the support chat. We will try to add this to the app, as we see that in some cases, it might be easier to contact the support over the chat :)
Thanks again :)

Bundler support team

8 februari 2020

App does a fairly decent job, but is a right pain in the butt when trying to create multiple bundles back to back and keeps crashing

Gladiator Fitness
2 maanden gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 8 februari 2020


Thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you had some issues with the app. Can you please contact us at and let us know exactly what the issues were? This will help us make the app better for you and for others :)

Thank you,
Nice Team

23 december 2022

Good App for simply bundling products in free plan but paid plan also need to budget friendly for startups
2 maanden gebruiken de app heeft geantwoord 27 december 2022

Hi, we are open to startups and would love to offer you a discounted rate of the premium plan to support your startup. We have sent you an email about this and are still waiting on your reply :)