Bundles & Discounts

Bundles & Discounts

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Offer discount for products with bundle and increase AOV.

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Display Bundle products

Create your own bundle with discounts, set name and display discounted prices on your product and the cart pages.

Customers can create bundle

Customers can select products to create their bundle with specific products & separate variants. Admin set the products quantity to select.

Increase average order value

Increase your average order value by offering product bundles with special discounts when they buy a combination of products.

Bundles & Discountsの詳細情報

Key benefits

  • Allow customer to select products and create their own bundle with specific quantity set by Admin
  • Admin has options to display Static & Dynamic bundle to encourage customers.
  • Work with Preorder and Out of stock products
  • Admin has complete control over the customization of Bundle products look & feel to match with the store theme
  • Now, create a bundle with a single product & it's all variants.
  • A product bundling strategy increase your AOV
  • Sell popular products together with less popular products
  • Active and deactivate product bundles at any time.
  • No theme code changes or code integration.

A bundle is a combination of products that get a discount when purchased together.

Dynamic Bundle

Dynamic Bundle allows the customer to select their desired products from the bundle created by the admin and get a discount on those products.

  • Example: Admin creates a dynamic bundle for 7 products and sets quantity 3, cost xxx which means customers can select any 3 products out of that 7 products to create their own bundle from the parent bundle created by admin.

Static Bundle

The static bundle is nothing but the combination of the products added by the admin for customers. Customers will get a discount if they purchase that bundle of products set by the admin.

  • Example: Create a bundle with two or many products and offer a fixed discount on them if purchased together. Buy products A + B + C together in a bundle to get $X amount discount (3 Products Price $300, Purchase bundle of the 3 products which will cost you $250.

Fixed amount discount

Set your own fixed discount for products in the bundle. The discounted product bundle will be displayed on that product page & cart page with discounted prices.

Work with Products and Variants

You can create bundles on specific product levels & variant levels. Product level bundles will have a drop-down to select a variant, while variant level bundles will treat each variant as a separate product.

Control Over Customization

Admin can customize Static & Dynamic bundle look and feel, make settings, set text, color, background, button label to match with the store theme.

Admin can also enable-disable any specific bundle, set price, name of the bundle, and can add respective products/variants.

No coding required

The app is installed automatically and it won't mess up with your theme. As tested on Express, Brooklyn, Narrative, Supply, Venture, Simple, Debut, Boundless, Minimal, Pipeline & Warehouse themes.



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Free Plan


  • Limited Bundles
  • (1 bundle at a time)
  • Full-featured
  • Free Forever - No hidden fees


  • Create Unlimited Bundles
  • Set Own bundle price, title & images
  • Variant level bundles
  • Single Product in multiple bundles
  • Quick & Full Support

* すべての料金はUSDで請求されます。
** 月額や使用料に基づく請求などの定期請求は、30日ごとに請求されます。

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This bundle app does way more than any other. You can let the customer bundle variants (color or size) or even multiple different products into one bundle. Plus there's tons of color and text customization. And they are very responsive to customer service questions. A+!