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23 febbraio 2024

Beyond impressed! I was having a hard time figuring out the system and Harold went above and beyond to help me through this. Support this USA based business. Their customer service is beyond anything I have ever experienced and I am grateful for their expertise. Now that my info is all on board the program is very easy to use and makes running my e-commerce store that much easier.

Goats Trail Off-Road Apparel Company
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15 febbraio 2024

Super happy with this app - very easy to achieve what we need, listing individual stock items that make up a variety of combined products. Harold the dev - has been more than helpful on several occasions, with improvements to our setup. The app has some very useful features with great flexibility, highly recommended!

Fireplace Factory Outlet
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17 febbraio 2024

I have been using this app for years. I have increased my ATV since i introduced bundles. This app does exactly what its supposed to do, was easy to set up and edit when i need to, and Harold is lighting quick to help if you ever have an issue. Highly recommend.

6 febbraio 2024

Simple to set up and user-friendly app with great support. Harold can help you with different problems and always tries to come up with a good solution.

15 febbraio 2024

We use the Bundles App to manage Set we sell on Bento&co and it works great. Support is quick and very professional.

25 gennaio 2024

Great app. I would highly recommend for those that need to adjust inventory for products that have more than 1 item. Worked flawlessly and customer support was always quick and efficient.

Quasi 2 anni di utilizzo dell’app
27 dicembre 2023

I've been with Harold for about 4-5 years now, and the support he provides has always been amazing. He is quick to respond and I've never walked away without a solution which typically is just me not knowing how to set things up properly. This is the only bundles app that I've seen that does exactly what I need it to do and has worked consistently throughout the years without any issues. I highly recommend it!

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Oltre 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
30 gennaio 2024

We've tried quite a few different bundle apps and this one, is by far the best. Plus Harold is awesome, I am surely his most annoying app user and email him a lot, as we have a quirky setup, he is fast to respond, super helpful and very patient. Plus the tool itself is brilliant with lots of configuration options to suit what you need to do. Highly recommend!

Superlove Merino UK
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11 mesi di utilizzo dell’app
14 dicembre 2023

A delightfully simple tool that does exactly what it's intended to do. This app allowed our business to expand our product offerings with minimal extra effort & with less room for human error in terms of inventory reconciliation. The location settings that were recently added solved for our last outstanding need to calculate bundle quantities (based on specific locations, rather than all locations combined). Customer support is EXCELLENT. Highly recommend this app.

American Ostrich Farms
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Quasi 3 anni di utilizzo dell’app
15 gennaio 2024

This is the best bundles app for curated bundles. Does a perfect job of syncing our inventory when our bundled items are purchased. Very user friendly and the customer support is 10/10. Every store on Shopify has unique needs and the developer goes above and beyond to make sure you can use this for your store the way you need to.

The Meatery
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8 mesi di utilizzo dell’app