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13 dicembre 2016

The lack of tiered pricing is one of the big faults of Shopify. Despite what many apps tell you, there is no perfect solution to it. That and of course bundling items and keeping the inventory in check.
This Bundles app offers one of the better solutions to both. I looked at various options and while others required a whole heap of messy code changing, this requires none. It syncs inventory across bundles and allows one of the better methods of tiered pricing, all while keeping the inventory in check.
Like all other apps that 'solve' these issues it's not perfect. But perfect isn't possible and this is the best solution I have found. Very workable.

Support has been excellent, as good as it gets. Harold is very helpful and must never sleep.

Tackle Town
Circa 14 ore di utilizzo dell’app
23 giugno 2022

At first I was very lost with this app and I uninstalled it. Harold reached out to me to see if there was something he could assist with, once I explained what I was trying to do, he assured me this app could do that and more. The customer service, one on one support and assistance was by far the best I have ever experienced. This app isn't overly complicated and you have someone literally holding your hand the entire way. Worth every cent, I would give ten stars if I could!!

Simplisav Boutique
Circa 7 ore di utilizzo dell’app
22 dicembre 2022

I don't normally write reviews but am so impressed with this app. It's perfect. It syncs my alias skus and bundles perfectly with their components. It's very user friendly and took me no time to figure it out. The best part is that it splits up the syncs to different locations which is the winning feature for me. All of the other apps I tried would add the inventory up from multiple locations and sync the total which isn't what I wanted. Now I have my skus synced for both my warehouse and my storefront. 5 stars!

Om Organics
Circa 4 ore di utilizzo dell’app
21 settembre 2018

A really simple app that works in a really smart way. It's easy to use, doesn't create new products or mess around with any of your code. It basically does what we've been doing manually for a long time but are now too busy to keep doing it that way. Your bundle takes its quantity from the lowest inventory level of each the component products and syncs it automatically. We ❤️ this.

Kustom Haus
Circa 4 ore di utilizzo dell’app
5 ottobre 2020

This is a straightforward app that works as advertised and saves me about an hour of tedious manual work each week. I had some questions about how to configure our specific use cases and Harold, the developer, responded right away.

Stati Uniti
Circa 3 ore di utilizzo dell’app
Data modifica: 20 aprile 2019

I used this app to help me bundle a ton of products on my store. Phenomenal customer support - they even helped me remove bad code from another app that was messing up my store. Highly recommended!

Red Rocket Brand
Stati Uniti
Circa 3 ore di utilizzo dell’app
7 marzo 2022

Exactly what I was looking for, I can now move bundles over to eBay and Amazon reliably and not be worried about keeping track of all components of a bundle.

WorldWide Sales Online
Stati Uniti
Circa 2 ore di utilizzo dell’app
9 febbraio 2022

Just installed the app, love it! Does exactly what l want. I create lots of bundles, and controlling inventory has been a nightmare. I also had some extra work l needed done and Harold did it instantly!! Very very impressed!!

Sensory Ready Store
Circa un'ora di utilizzo dell’app
13 novembre 2020

Harold is hands down the best customer support representative we have ever came across with. App works well as described too.

Topologie International
RAS di Hong Kong
Circa un'ora di utilizzo dell’app
16 dicembre 2017

This did exactly what I needed and exactly what they said in the description.

If you already have a product set up that comprises a number of other products, this app will handle inventory management for you. Every time you sell the bundle product it will update the inventory of the products it contains. It is super simple and super easy - I installed it and had two bundles up and running in less than 5 minutes. It couldn't be easier and they've made the interface really good.

Highly recommended

Rebel Playbook
Regno Unito
6 minuti di utilizzo dell’app