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11 gennaio 2017

Simple and easy to manage, worked like a charm for all of my shopify blogs. Easy to embed, was able to change the buttons color and direct them to either product or collections.

Spycentre Security
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21 maggio 2019

i used this app to sell tickets on my website, its a good feature but sometimes it needs a lot of time to load on the published webpage and in one instance it didn't load at all. overall its a great app

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13 maggio 2020

Super easy to build and put onto your content page. Not super flexible in terms of layout or size or position on page. A few weeks after putting up a test on one of our many pages, someone bought. Will put on more pages for sure.

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8 novembre 2019

Buy button - A new better design! It is generating sales. Thanks!
See a preview here:

AV Now Fitness Sound
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13 agosto 2019

The Buy Button allows me to easily and directly send customers to specific products at their requests. This reduced clicks and search time for my customers and increases my % of sales.

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23 settembre 2019

It is great to use and very clean. I am trying to figure out how to create a buy button for our emails though.

Big Bear Mountain Resort
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31 maggio 2020

Love using the buy button - it makes it really easy to add products into my Wordpress blog that are linked to my Shopify store. Thank you!

Homeschool Style Co.
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22 febbraio 2021

We love the buy button. We get sales driving traffic to our blog and people purchase from the buy button within the blog

Imani Ariana
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12 aprile 2021

It's pretty easy to set up and install by and large. I like how seamless it integrates on both mobile and desktop. I wish there was some general embeds for, say, a shopping cart to be on all page and not just where an embed lives (rather than having to piece code together for this purpose). In addition the load times can be quite long – around 8 seconds, and it doesn't seem to cache well. But all things considered it is a really wonderful feature.

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1 gennaio 2019

This app is SO easy to use and works perfectly with my affiliate program. I love it! Thank you so much.

Warm Hearts Publishing
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