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21 de abril de 2024

The app says that it can be used for tiling stores to convert the quantity from sqt to boxes This is not correct, since there is no way to state the amount of sq feet that are in a specific box.

For example:
Tile X can have 300sqf/box
Tile Y can have 120sqt/box

This info cant be inputted in the formula. If there was a possibility to use Variant Metafields in the formula, this issue would be resolved.

PIVAS® | Tegels & Parket
1 day usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por MB LUMIUS 22 de abril de 2024

Thank you for your review. We do have a workaround for what you are trying to achieve. Please reach out to our team at support@calconic.com, and we'll ensure to assist you in setting this up.

2 de agosto de 2020


I just realised my calculator was not functioning, I don't know since when! This has cost me a tremendous amount of sales! My sales were unusually low and I didn't understand why, given I was doing advertising, and this brings results to my store.

Why does this calculator stop working like it wants? And never notifies the changes? This makes this application very unreliable :( and I'm very upset given I pay this calculator monthly for many years now.

I'm very unsatisfied.

Forest Homes
Over 4 years usando a aplicação
16 de junho de 2020

Is this company still in business? I have been reaching out to them so many times and no response. They were good to start but zero support and seems like it stopped working?

Be Cool Solutions
Estados Unidos
2 months usando a aplicação
12 de abril de 2023

This app is useful but in my opinion way too expensive. They charge you for a use every single time someone goes on a page that their app is on regardless of if they use it or not. I have had roughly about 7K website views in total so far this month and they have shut down my app until I upgrade and pay for the 50k use plan. EVERY TIME SOMEONE GOES TO A PAGE THEIR APP IS ON THEY COUNT IT AS A USE meaning many of my customers will count as 20 to 40 users per website visit. If it wasn't for the sheer cost of this app for a simple calculation I would like it.

What a Crock Meals
Estados Unidos
About 1 month usando a aplicação
27 de dezembro de 2019

Used this app so customer can quote price and place order.

I did tests an simulate sales and paid for them before going Live.

After going live, the apps missed to send the order details so I can complete customers order.

Customer support was of no help at all. I think they simply don't take the time to understand the issue to apply the right solution.

I use an app Outside of shopify that I not only cheaper but work perfectly and was online within 30 mins of ''programming''

I wasn't impress by the support from the maker nor the support offered by Shopify.

Online Wood Worker
19 days usando a aplicação
8 de novembro de 2020

This app is a waste of time. I used this app to create customised pricing based on the calculator. However, there was no synchronisation between the calculator and the Shopify cart. Contact the support for help, but unfortunately did not receive any. Complete waste of time.

IBG Automation Malta Ltd.
13 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por MB LUMIUS 9 de novembro de 2020

Hi there,

Thank you for your feedback.

The checkout/cart integration might require additional programming then using a non-default Shopify product page structure (especially when using third-party page customization apps). Your case is being reviewed.

For more information, please contact support@calconic.com

Editado a 2 de junho de 2022

Updated after response from developer. Tried this app and followed the instructions for checkout integration, nothing appears on the product pages. Took ages to get in contact with the developer. The response was very unhelpful nothing like I have received from other app developers. All I received was a 1 line response saying it wont work with my theme.

Blue Crocus Textiles
Reino Unido
10 days usando a aplicação
Questão respondida por MB LUMIUS 31 de maio de 2022

Thank you for your feedback.

Contact us at support@calconic.com (this email can be found at the bottom of our website) or via Shopify's "Get Support" form in the Apps section to troubleshoot the possible issue. Make sure to provide a link to the described issue's page.

2 de setembro de 2017

Attempted to get in touch several times with no response. The app doesn't show calculations in the checkout cart. When you make changes editing your app, it freezes and you have to recreate the whole calculator again. It shouldn't have made it past trial stage, it's not a full functioning app yet. Great idea, just poorly put together.

Aberdeen Mirror
Estados Unidos
4 days usando a aplicação
17 de outubro de 2017

This app is ok if you use a custom template. I spend more that 2 hours trying to get a simple calculation and never worked.

Too bad, i had great expectations. The sad part is that is the only Calculator in the Shopify App store that I was able to find.I wasted 2 hours for nothing.

The Arborist Store
About 2 hours usando a aplicação